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Taste Magazine Scotland

Launching July 2021

Launched in Wales in 2018, our sister magazine 'taste.blas' continues to be a groundbreaking magazine in the food and drinks industry. We are pleased to bring this publication to Scotland, in July 2021, along with the luxury lifestyle magazine, RedHanded.

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Taste Magazine, Scotland

Advertisements & Features

Printed quarterly, Taste Magazine is mainly a consumer facing magazine and available free where distributed with a large print run with main features & interviews, food and drink highlights, restaurant reviews, cooking tips & recipes and chef profiles.  The website will become an extension of the magazine bringing you news, exclusive articles and video.

We feature only relevant advertising in the publication from those in the food and drinks industry including dairies, distilleries, restaurants, hotels, tourist information, breweries, farm shops & delis, farms, book shops, bakers, chocolatiers, wineries, fishmongers, and even smokeries.  Our emphasis is on championing food and drink in Scotland.

Launch Offer

Available throughout June 2021 to new customers

We love to mix this up a little, not just offering customers a fantastic print and digital product, but also merging the two together like never before with unprecedented engagement.  We've also got an amazing pre-launch offer available too!

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Corporate Information

Where the Passion Begins

Both Taste and RedHanded Magazines have been published for many years in Wales by Conroy Media, however, both Taste Magazine Scotland and RedHanded Magazine Scotland are stand alone publications that are well and truly Scottish businesses with all writers and editors also based in Scotland.

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Taste Magazine Scotland

Taste Scotland Ltd

Office 1, Technology House, 9 Newton Place, Glasgow, G3 7PR, United Kingdom
Registered in Scotland with Companies House: SC667390

RedHanded Magazine Scotland

Independent Publishing (Scotland) Ltd

Suite 2, 10 Hermand Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 1QZ, United Kingdom
Registered in Scotland with Companies House: SC663534

Taste Blas / RedHanded

Conroy Media Ltd

Cardiff, Wales

Publishes redHanded and Taste Blas magazines in Wales, UK.