Midge Proof Marinade and Dip for a Scotch Beef BBQ

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Prep: 1 hour 15 min / Cooking: 30 min / Serves: 2 people

Recipe from: Chef Paul Green of The Torridon Hotel in association with QMS and Dr Alison Blackwell, Scotland’s leading midge expert

Marinade Ingredients:

5g Rosemary

5g Thyme

2 bay leaves, torn

2 Cloves of garlic, crushed

60ml Olive oil

15ml Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp Dijon mustard

A few drops Tabasco

A few black peppercorns and sea salt

Good squeeze of lemon juice

300-400g Sirloin or Ribeye Scotch Beef steak, cut up into pieces suitable to skewer for the BBQ

Marinade Directions:

1. Mix the rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, garlic, mustard, pepper, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and oil together in a bowl

2. Add the chopped pieces of beef, making sure they are coated well

3. Cover and leave to marinade for at least one hour. You can also leave overnight in the fridge

4. Season with sea salt and cook on the BBQ

Dip Ingredients:

1 Shallot 2-3 Garlic cloves 1 Green chilli 50g Flat leaf parsley 20g Basil 15g Lemon balm 200-250ml Extra virgin olive oil Salt to taste

Dip Directions:

1. Finely chop the shallot, garlic, chilli, parsley, basil, and lemon balm. Alternatively you can use a pestle and mortar to grind all the ingredients up

2. Drizzle in the olive oil and season with sea salt

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