More Ingredients to try this season

Still need further cooking inspiration this summer? Then look no further as we dig a little deeper into what's seasonal.

While the previous 'In season' article discussed some fantastic fruit and seafood to try out this August, there is still some areas yet to be explored, mainly vegetables as well as the art of foraging. Let's dive in once again as we get another lay of the land.

Summer squash is highly recommended as an ingredient this season, and can be sautéed, steamed and used in delicious soups too.

Beetroot is another summer staple, which works well as part of a salad, cooked as a stir-fry or for something different, enjoyed in a burger as a vegetarian alternative to the BBQ classic.

Scotland has an abundance of wild herbs and foods that you can forage for, and heading out in summer for this purpose can be a very sensible way to spend time outdoors. The flowery tips of blue and purple vetch can be very tasty and sweet, and a good way to add some variety to salad.

For those who are more at home by the seaside, the common dulse is an easy to harvest seaweed at low tides. Its smoky flavour makes it brilliant for adding some seasoning to fish and meat, though it can also firmly stand on its own.

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