A Biggar Distillery

At the foot of the Tinto Hills by the Scottish town of Biggar, two bothers launched Biggar Gin in 2018 after about 20 months or preparation, recipe and brand development.

The brothers decided to go down the route of product development and release before investing in a distillery and worked with Strathearn Distillery to produce their gin.

At the beginning of the year, they were at the stage of building their very own distillery since the launch of the products had been a success. They're now a couple of months behind, delayed due to Covid19, with the frame going up in the next couple of weeks. However, they're still pushing ahead and are aiming to finish it by the end of September – there have been delays with building materials post lockdown.

Stuart McVicar tells us "The 100 litre Portuguese copper pot still is ready to be installed, we just need to get the building finished!"

Biggar Gin have release three products so far;

Original Recipe Biggar Gin

Biggar Gin's hero product, released first which won the London Dry Gin category from The Gin Guide. They were up against gins from around Europe:


Clyde Valley Plum Recipe

Each year Bigger Gin release a limited edition gin using Victoria Plums from the local orchard to produce less than 400 full size bottles of full strength unsweetened gin. They are doing the same limited release this year – the plum harvest should begin by the middle of September, so keep an eye out.

Recently launched Biggar Strength (Navy strength gin)

This year, Biggar Gin added to their range with a Navy strength gin coming in at 57%. They picked up a silver award at he London Spirits Competition last month, and are very pleased with how it’s being received by the trade.

We'll keep a close eye on their distillery build and we hear they're working on recipe development for a seasonal winter recipe that they hope to release in the run up to Christmas.

If you love Scottish gin, carefully crafted in small batches, you're definitely in for a treat with The Bigger Gin Co. Visit https://www.biggargin.com/biggar-home to secure yours.

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