A Deep Dive Into @pizza’s Philosophy on Good Food

Updated: May 21, 2021

@pizza, Edinburgh’s No.1 Ranked Pizza, has opened its doors to a second restaurant in the Capital, this time situated in the heart of the Royal Mile, right next to the fringe shop and Old Fishmarket Close.

The new location, previously an old police station, has been transformed into a vibrant new venue that makes full use of the renovated building, featuring seating spread over three floors as well as hosting an outdoor dining area on one of Edinburgh’s most iconic streets.

But the new restaurant is not the only thing that catches the eye. @pizza stands out from the myriad of pizza restaurants that can be seen throughout Scotland’s capital for a multitude of reasons, the most striking being the speed of their service and how its presented. The staff behind the counter greet you with a smile as they handcraft your food before your eyes, walking you through each step of the process. As you grab a drink and a table you a greeted almost instantly by your meal in what can only be described as exceptionally fast service.

Talking with Taste Magazine, @pizza's Alex Reily shares the magic behind these fast cooking pizzas: “As you know, you go out for a pizza, you wait around 30-40 minutes to get your pizza and the reason that occurs is with traditional pizza ovens you end up with a pile of prepared pizzas ready to go but the issue is getting them in and out of the oven, it takes a long time to do that. You have to make sure they are evenly cooked and that you don’t burn parts of them.”

“We use a unique bit of equipment in the UK which heat blasts it from the top and bottom on a conveyor belt that goes through, so you get a really even cook. Our 48-hour proofed sourdough is really light, cooks nice and easy, 90 seconds in one side out the other side and it’ll come out absolutely perfect. We work on a basis that you turn up to a smile at the door, come in, design your pizza, get a drink and start eating in 3 to 4 minutes.”

Speaking of design, the customisation available when it comes to creating your own pizza is second to none. With a choice of 50 different ingredients -totalling to 64,000 different combinations – if you can think of it, they can probably create it.

Here's the one we ordered ...

But this wide variety of choice does not detract from the quality of said ingredients. For example, the mozzarella they use hails from Yester Farm Dairies in East Lothian who are renowned for the artisan cheeses they craft. In addition, the fixed price point allows customers to truly experiment to their heart’s desire. As Alex Reily explains,

“In a traditional pizza restaurant, you’ll pay £2.50 to stick some mushrooms on your pizza, that doesn’t seem fair to us and it’s not a fair relationship. What we do is say, here is a fixed price, here are 50 premium ingredients, knock yourself out. Have whatever you want, mix it up and as long as your pizza is the right size to come out of our oven being perfect then we will do that for you. Combine that with speed and you have another factor that no one else does in the industry.”

The new restaurant on the Royal Mile is now open and also serves Innis & Gunn beers alongside their own branded range of sodas with flavours that will surprise you. Don't forget to register for their loyalty scheme in order to claim free pizza!

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