A Pescetarian Scottish Christmas

For a lot of people, there’s only one way to do Christmas dinner right - and that’s their way. Turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts: the works. But with the prominence of sustainability on everyone’s minds at the moment, more and more people are trying to cut down on their meat intake or go ‘cold turkey’ entirely (sorry).

Those who aren’t prepared to fully commit to becoming vegan or vegetarian often find themselves striking a balance with pescetarianism - and fish and seafood can actually broaden your horizon and give rise to a wave of possibilities when it comes to impressively amassed festive feasts.


Smoked eel

While smoked salmon seems to steal the spotlight each year, eel is an extremely underrated alternative if you’re looking to try something different and exciting this Christmas. Combining with beetroot makes for an exquisite and intriguing canapé you’ll be glad you gave a go.

Available from Barony Country Foods


Alternatively, there’s no better place to start your fine dining feast this Christmas than oysters. Enjoyed simply with a dash of lemon, there’s also scope to make your experience extra special by pushing the boat out. It may seem sacrilegious, but try deep-frying them in focaccia breadcrumbs and serving with a salty oyster mayonnaise and you’ll be converted!

Available from Eddies Seafood Market


Smoked salmon

Moving onto starters, and it was only a matter of time before smoked salmon entered the fray. Specifically, our recommendation for your festive feast is terrine - simple and easy preparation, with beautiful presentation to match. Spread on thick slices of freshly baked bread, or thin and crispy oatcakes (the choice is yours).

Available from Belhaven Smokehouse, East Neuk Kilnhouse, Scottish Salmon Company, Amity Fish and Eddies Seafood Market


Another excellent choice of starter comes in the form of scallops. Frying in a pan is the best way forward and from there you have a plethora of options for serving. Our favourite festive flourishings are a combination of spices and parsnips, or the trio of celeriac, apple and hazelnuts - but either complement the scallops well.

Available from Macduff, Amity Fish and Eddies Seafood Market



We hope you’ve left room for the main course! First up is whole roasted brill - a spectacular sight when you’re gathered around the dinner table. For sides try your hand at crafting a beautiful potato galette, while parsnip pureé and brussel sprouts complete the taste extravaganza.

Available from Campbells


Finally, our other choice for a mouthwatering main course this Christmas is that most wondrous of shellfish - lobster. More specifically, we recommend having a go at poached lobster tail. This goes sumptuously well with cauliflower and if you can create a rich buttery sauce to top it all off, you’re in for a treat.

Available from Amity Fish and Eddies Seafood Market

Whatever your festive feast, Merry Fishmas from Taste Scotland!

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