A sneak peek at the upcoming Moskito relaunch

Taste Magazine spoke with Moskito's general manager Ben McLeod about the relaunch and what changes have been made to the classic bar and restauraunt.

A classic Glasgow bar and restauraunt is set to relaunch in Bath Street next month following an extensive refurbishment, so it may be a bit different than how Glaswegians remember it.

Reimagined from the ground up, Moskito carries a different atmosphere than its original incarnation, providing visitors a chic environment that carries a sense of intimacy in its nooks and crannies. The interior also features a DJ booth as well as new lighting system that can influence the look and feel of a room.

“We have upgraded the whole interior" says Ben McLeod, general manager of Moskito bar and kitchen. "We have extensively designed and recreated the look and feel of the venue down to every detail to provide a higher quality than what it was before. We even have the ability to control the mood and setting through the lighting system, allowing us to create different aspects and different scenes.”

The interior isn't the only thing that has changed. The relaunch will feature a revised, globally inspired menu that promises 'food with attitude' as well as provide bespoke cocktail creations that can't be found anywhere else.

“We are going to be heavily food led with the venue here. We have invested a lot of time and cultivated the menu to make it more modernized and more in line with what Glasgow is offering at the moment.”

"We have taken a lot of influences from all around the world and we have cultivated that into a menu that is all shareable. We are going to provide quite a relaxed food offering. We want people to enjoy themselves, have conversation, have some drinks, enjoy the music, all elements that are a part of our dining experience in such a beautiful setting."

While it was originally slated to relaunch last year, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in Moskito delaying the reopening of its doors until July instead. While the last year has been an undeniable challenge for the hospitality industry, it also provided the Moskito team the time to take things slow and refine exactly what they want to provide when it relaunches: a comfortable and unique dining and bar experience.

“The pandemic devastated the industry as a whole and its been very difficult for a lot of operators and proprietors to get through it. For us, it gave us a chance to breathe a little bit, take stock on what we were wanting to do. It gave us time to think about what our food would be, what our drinks would be, sort some of the designs we wanted to have."

"The pandemic has been hard and frustrating, but we managed to ride through it by taking time to work as a team and figure out the direction we were going. I thing we’ve come through it a bit stronger than what we would have done when we were supposed to first open and it has given us time to figure out all the processes.”

"People can expect a venue where people can feel comfortable, a venue were people can enjoy the food, enjoy the ambience and atmosphere. I honestly believe there isn't a venue like this in Glasgow, and potentially in Scotland, and its something we are really excited to showcase to people."

Interested in a truly unique late night experience in Glasgow? Then be sure to check out Moskito when it opens its doors on Thursday the 1st of July. For first access to reservations when the open, sign up to their mailing list via the Moskito website.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming relaunch? Let us know in the comments below.

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