Amity Fish: A Scottish Seafood Company to Watch

Updated: Mar 31

Located on the north-east coast of Scotland, the Amity Fish Company is a small business making headway in the Scottish seafood industry. Although they may appear to be a little fish in a big pond, Amity have managed to set themselves apart in the industry. In 2020, they won Food Business of the Year at the Virtual Society Awards. This year, they are finalists for two awards at the upcoming Federation of Small Business Awards, Scotland: The Microbusiness of the Year 2022 and The E-commerce / Digital Business of the year 2022.

Jimmy Buchan pictured in front of his old fishing boat: Amity II

The recognition being awarded to Amity Fish is well-deserved. Jimmy Buchan (the man behind the Amity Fish Company) and his team are working hard to build up their company to be the “leading online supplier of wild caught, seasonal, sustainable Scottish seafood”. The business now offers over 60 products online, consumed and loved by homes and businesses across the UK. Their very own delivery service has allowed for the distribution of fresh wild seafood throughout the pandemic, and their online shop is easy to navigate and clearly designed to meet consumer needs. Amity Fish offers subscriptions to monthly fish-boxes, as well as selling fresh, frozen, or breaded fish and shellfish. In 2021, they won a Great Taste Star for their Amity Panko Single Wholetail Scampi by the Guild of Fine Foods. Jimmy and the Amity team clearly aim to ensure that their products are utilised in the most optimal way possible for consumer enjoyment, providing recipes and cooking methods for all their products.

Seeing as Amity Fish is independent small business which runs all its operations— from sourcing, packaging, to delivery —it is incredibly impressive that they have managed to build up their company to have the reach it has whilst still staying true to their goals of providing responsibly sourced wild seafood. Amity Fish does not take good fishing practice lightly: they are certified as a Sustainable Seafood Company by the Marine Stewardship Council. What an amazing achievement! Ever since Jimmy bought his first fishing boat in 1986 (edit: this vessel is no longer owned by the company) and named it Amity— friendship —Jimmy has continued to build his fishing business in a way that shows compassion for the natural environment he relies on to supply his produce: “the Amity team source only the best catch from the icy waters around the Scottish coastline using over 40 years of experience in the fishing industry. Jimmy’s hands-on approach ensures nothing slips under the net”.

Despite (or perhaps, in light of) being a small business, Amity Fish are setting the bar high within the Scottish seafood industry. Through their quality wild-caught seafood, commitment to responsible and sustainable fishing practices, and effective online shop and delivery system, they provide a service that is hard to beat. Watch to see if they win any awards this coming March. To shop their delicious seafood, simply visit

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