Asparagus: One of the many surprises of Perthshire.

Perthshire and its neighbouring town Angus are famous for many things, the most unusual and exciting is their internationally renowned asparagus farms. This quick-cooking and versatile vegetable has made its name in the history books - the Romans even had an asparagus fleet that would transport them across the seas and to the highest of the Italian alps to freeze and dry them for the winter months. They went to great lengths to ensure that they could have asparagus throughout the seasons, luckily we do not have to go through such drastic measures to enjoy asparagus any more. Muryshall Estate are hosting a Scottish Asparagus Celebration this May; it is bound to be unique and enriching evening.

“Farmers in and around Perthshire grow arguably the best asparagus in the world. We will be celebrating it as a prime example of the fresh seasonal local food served at Murrayshall.” - Fiona Pugh. (Head of Food and Beverage)

As asparagus is an early harvesting vegetable, it is picked at the end of spring towards the start of summer. The menu is being kept local which means Perthshire and Angus farms are the suppliers of asparagus and other ingredients.

There will be a celebration of asparagus over four nights, the culinary appreciation of the vegetable is bound to be as elegant and tasteful as the estate itself. In addition to tasting delicious on its own asparagus has many health benefits and combines magnificently with many wonderful foods.

The four-course meal will be served in the Eolas fine-dining restaurant that has views of the 365-acre estate and golf courses. Specific wines have been selected to accompany each dish so that the flavours are highlighted and balanced perfectly with each course.

The dinner is bound to be a success. The event both a pleasurable dining experience, whilst also honouring the local farmers and growers of Perthshire and Angus. The Scottish Asparagus Celebration will take place on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th May. The cost is £50 per person with the wine flight at £30 per person.

Asparagus Celebration Menu:

New season asparagus and duck egg `omelette`, truffle, parmesan.

Accompanying wine: Stoneburn Pinot Noir

Creamed soup of asparagus, grilled Scottish langoustines.

Accompanying drink: Bollinger NV Champagne

Butter poached asparagus, corn fed chicken breast, confit chicken wing

Accompanying Wine: Pouilly Fuissé 1er Cru ‘Aux Vignarais’

Dom. Normand 2018

Glazed citrus tart and vanilla mascarpone with frozen Limoncello.

To make a reservation email or telephone 01738-551171.

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