Brewery launches three new beers with a collaboration with specialist tea company, eteaket

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Campervan Brewery has launched three new beers this summer: their first two aged sour beers, one in collaboration with eteaket, and a third beer which is their Vintage 2021. The beers are available to buy on their website and they are excited to introduce the beers to shops and bars.

Campervan Brewery is a craft beer brewery based in Leith, Edinburgh created by Paul Gibson, who started brewing beer as a respite when his family fell ill. He started brewing professionally in 2015 in his garage and he converted his VW campervan, ‘the hoppy camper’ into a mobile brewery. Since then, his business has expanded, and he opened the Lost in Leith Bar & Fermentaria in March 2020 where he continues to age beer on site.

Campervan Brewery have created three new aged beers and are proud to release them for people to try. These beers have been over a year in the making as the brewers have experimented with flavours, yeasts and oak formats, and Campervan Brewery have added their signature twist to the two sour beers which complicate and elevate the base beers.

Foeder Cherry Sour – 7.5% ABV Sour Red Ale

This beer was aged in one of their Fermentaria Foeders for 10 months, then refermented with two types of cherries – Scottish red cherries and Middle eastern mahlab which are ground pits. The stunning result is an almost wine-like beer which is deeply sour. There are notes of cherries, plums and a hint of spice.

Campervan brewer, Patrick Smith, says; “[t]he Foeder Cherry Sour is the second beer released from our foeders and is the first beer showcasing our house souring blend. There is a great depth of flavour, featuring a cherry-forward strain of brettanoymces, as well as a balance between the acidity and perceived sweetness from Scottish sweet cherries and baking spices.”

Jasmine Brett Berliner – 4.7% ABV Barrel Aged Berliner Weisse

This beer is the result of a delightfully ambitious and successful collaboration between Campervan Brewery and eteaket, a specialist tea company based in Edinburgh who work to bring high quality ingredients to create beautifully blended fusions.

The beer was aged in Burgundian Chardonnay barrels for 10 months along with a single strain of Brettanomyces. Afterward, the beer was steeped in Jasmine Chun Ho tea from eteaket. The result: a fantastic sour lemon beer with Jasmine and pome fruit.

Patrick Smith is also an avid tea drinker. He came up with the idea for a collaboration and has been excited to be part of the project.

He said; “[w]e've been fortunate to work closely with local tea experts eteaket, to produce a delicately balanced Jasmine-infused Berliner Weisse. Working with Sam Holburn has been a pleasure and with her help and knowledge we've produced a collaborative beer that we're very proud of.”

Erica Moore eteaket managing director and Sam Holburn, operation manager say: “We love a great cup of tea but we also love to experiment and innovate with our blends to create iced teas, tea cocktails & mocktails, lattes and many more tea inspired delights.

We source and provide the highest quality award winning leaf tea and value local ingredients just as much, which is why we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Campervan Brewery. We felt we had a shared ethos for the value in handcrafted products and championing quality ingredients.

The collaboration process has been exciting learning all about Beer production and the testing of our different tea varieties to get us to the end result!”

Brett Pils – Vintage 2021

The company’s Brett Pils is already a hit and they have released the Vintage 2021 version which is a little drier and features more oak than the June 2020 vintage.

“It's great to be able to see how beers evolve over time as we refill barrels and let the cultures strengthen and exert different characteristics.”

The three new beers are available at their Lost in Leith Bar & Fermentaria as a 750ml edition, but you can also find them available on their website here. In Edinburgh, these beers are available in bottle shops such as Cornelius, Beer Hive, Cork and Cask or Beets.

For those further interested in eteaket, you can find their website here.

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