Bross Bagels announce limited edition menu in support of Music Venue Trust

Pioneering food brands Bross Bagels and Jackpot Peanut Butter have joined forced to shine a light on grassroots music venues, whilst celebrating the classic food combo of bagels and peanut butter. Bross Bagels will launch a new limited-edition bagel every weekend throughout September, with profits from the bagels going towards national charity, Music Venue Trust, which supports and endorses local UK music culture. The partnership will help raise funds and support for grassroots music venues at a time of need for music, culture, artists, their teams and crew.

This weekend, (Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th September), Bross Bagels will reveal the first in a range of limited-edition bagels, which will hero purpose-led brand Jackpot’s unique peanut butter, which ranges from their original to the more creative twists including raspberry, wasabi, and cookies ‘n’ cream.

With the aim of celebrating grassroots music venues across the country, each limited-edition peanut butter bagel will be inspired by music and performance and named after a famous song or lyrics. The bagels will be available at the Portobello, Leith and Bruntsfield Bross Bagels shops across Edinburgh, every weekend throughout the month of September.

The partnership aims to celebrate a classic food combination, while shining a light on grassroots music culture, a sector that has like many, been significantly impacted by the pandemic. The collaboration is a unique celebration of culture, music and independent venues, subjects close to the hearts of both brands.

The Music Venue Trust is a registered charity, created in January 2014 to protect, secure and improve the UK live music network by securing the long-term future of iconic grassroots music venues such as Edinburgh's own Sneaky Pete's, and the iconic King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. These venues have played a crucial role in the development of British music over the last 40 years, nurturing local talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and develop their music and their performance skills. The Music Venue Trust are currently running their #ReviveLive campaign, seeing the return of live music to stages throughout the UK.

Jackpot Peanut Butters will also be available to buy in all Bross Bagels shops throughout September, with a donation from the sale of each of the limited-edition bagels and Jackpot Peanut Butter pots going toward Music Venue Trust.

Launched in 2015, Jackpot Peanut Butter is an all-natural, traditional American peanut butter made in the UK – not dissimilar to Bross Bagels, who present authentic Montreal style bagels, made in Edinburgh.

The limited-edition bagels will kick off on Saturday 4th September, with the (I can’t get no) Satay-Faction - a sesame seed Bross bagel filled with hot smoked salmon, Jackpot Peanut Butter, Bross’ infamous frickles, shrettuce, fresh chilli, coriander, and Mama Bross’ rock sauce.

Since the brand launched in 2017, Bross Bagels has been committed to working with other independent brands who are equally dedicated to their craft, and traditional production methods, while giving them a modern twist.

Commenting on the latest collaboration, Bross Bagels founder Larah Bross said: “We’re always looking for ways to work with other brands who have a similar commitment to their craft that we do. When we came across Jackpot Peanut Butter, we felt there was a real synergy in our purpose, passions and love of good food and music that bring people together.

“Bross Bagels was founded on the joy of sharing foods that conjure up memories. For me growing up, there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a bagel - especially a peanut butter and jelly bagel! We all have our comfort foods - and they're comforting because food connects us to one another. Music conjures up the same sense of memory, belonging and connection, which is why we’re proud to be supporting both Jackpot and the Music Venue Trust. And we had a hole lot of fun creating the new bagel recipes and names!

Rupert Leigh, Creator and MD of Jackpot Peanut Butter said; “Bagels and Peanut Butter is a winning combination, as are music and food. Never has there been a more important time to support grassroots music venues, and we’re thrilled to be able to work in collaboration with Larah and the Bross Bagels team to continue to support and nurture the culture of music.

“The sale of the bagels and Jackpot peanut butter pots will be donated to the Music Venue Trust, helping to support that next generation of music makers and fans - helping them grow and continue to entertain, and will highlight the need to look after and invest in our music culture.”

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