Celebrate World Vegan Day with Bross Bagels

World Vegan Day is less than a week away, and Bross Bagels are here to celebrate the occasion in a big way.

World Vegan Day is right around the corner and Bross Bagels will be transforming its entire menu, reimagining your favourite orders into vegan-friendly versions for 24 hours.

Working together with Scottish vegan meat producer Sgaia, releastic meat alternative company THIS™ and Minor Figures – who create plant-based products for coffee fans – the menu will bring the very best to the celebration.

The menu stars reinventions of all the Bross classics alongside a range of vegan fillings.

From vegan pizza bagels using Sgaia’s vegan ‘pepperoni style slices’ to the ever popular ‘Nuggs Faux Sho’ (£7.50) – a vegan bagel bursting with THIS™ Buffalo Nuggs, pickled fennel slaw, shrettuce, pickles and Mama Bross’ vegan ranch dressing, the signature, ‘Dirty Rachel’s Vegan Sister’ (£7.75) – Sgaia’s Facon, ‘cheese’, sauerkraut, crispy onions and jalapenos served on a vegan bagel, as well as a Vegan take on the classic ‘Mama Bross’ bagel.

On the day, the bakery team will produce vegan bagels exclusively. The bakery team at Bross have perfected the vegan bagels which are made using the same hand-crafted process that all of the bakery’s Montreal style bagels are made, but without using honey or eggs.

Alongside the tasty vegan food on offer, coffee lovers will be able to get their fix thanks to Minor Figures, who will be providing 100% plant-based products for you to try. Why not give their oat coffees a go or their canned specialty brews which includes, Latte, Chai Latte and Matcha Latte.

A range of vegan-friendly Beers will also be on the menu at the Bross Bar in Portobello, courtesy of Pilot Beer.

Bross Bagels Founder, Larah Bross explains: “Our menus are hugely popular for vegan diets, and indeed our vegan options have always been enjoyed by a hole lot of non-vegans too. We’ve always worked hard to offer plenty of plant-based choices from our filthy fries to our popular bagels like ‘Dirty Rachel’s Vegan Sister’ – I’m a firm believer that no one should miss out on our flavour-bursting bagels."

“Part of what drives my passion for continuing to evolve our menus at Bross, is encouraging people to try something new – and fall in love with it. Hopefully transforming our menus for the day will encourage our bagels fans to try something a little different, while making a difference.”

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