Civerinos goes West

Civerinos has answered Glasgow’s call. Two new Civerinos Slice pizza restaurants are soon to be opened. The name Civerinos is a popular one in Edinburgh, they are famous all over the city for their wood-fired pizzas and modern Italian street-food. Originally opened in 2014 by owners Michele and Olivia Civeria, it is a venue that uses bona fide secret family recipes to create their pizzas and side dishes.

Edinburgh boast a wide section of Civernos venues from the Italian Dining Room to a selection of slice venues, where you can purchase a slice, or if you are with a large group you can order the entirety of their world famous 20-inch pies. The venues with their neon-lights and New York style décor have been referred to as “the coolest place to eat in Edinburgh” by non other than GQ magazine.

Not only is Glasgow getting two of their Slice venues, there will also be a pop-up that will run throughout the summer months. Ensuring that their massive pizza slices are available throughout all of Glasgow. The slices are made using 00 flour and Nonna’s own San Marzano sugo. The slices are as big as your head and are delicious to boot.

“Civerinos Slice venues are neighbourhood, New York style pizza spots, serving by the slice as well as dishing out full-size pizzas to sit-in or go - perfect for cash-strapped students and busy people on the move.”

The menu boasts a range of delights such as mac and cheese balls, a vegan margarita and Grandmas's pizza - which consists of double pepperoni, a honey chilli drizzle and parmesan and parsely sprinkled over the top.

Although the permanent locations are yet to be revealed, Civerinos are looking for independent Glaswegian businesses who’d be willing to host a pizza pop-up with them this summer - contact director of operations Mark De’Mar at to register your interest.

Have a look at their Instagram for further details:

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