Clootie McToot dumplings debut at the UK Parliament

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Humble beginnings at a Christmas fete resulted in the Clootie business taking off

The House of Parliament’s official shop in London is to stock clootie dumplings following a partnership with Clootie McToot, a small family business based in Perthshire.

The business, run by Michelle Maddox, was inspired by the idea to make and sell traditional Clootie dumplings (a traditional Scottish fruit pudding) in 2015 when her son Jacob asked if she would bake something to sell at his Christmas school fete.

Michelle made a selection of traditional Clootie dumplings which turned out to be so popular that they sold out almost immediately. Jacob was back with an even larger selection of dumplings the following year, which would go on to kickstart the Clootie McToot business.

Starting from humble beginnings, Michelle and her team now supply traditional Clootie dumplings to retailers up and down the UK, run a shop and café in the village, and have won countless industry awards.

The recipe used for the Clootie McToot dumplings are based on a recipe handed down through generations of her family. In fact, the technique to make Clootie dumplings has been used for centuries and the earliest known recipe for a Clootie dumpling dates back to 1747.

A tremendous move, promoting Scottish produce in London and surely a great ambassador for Scotland. Thank you, Clootie McToot!

Clootie McToot is also a disability positive employer with a 70% disabled workforce, something that Michelle takes immense pride in. She said: "This is very important to me. The business came about thanks to my son Jacob, who has complex disabilities. I love giving people opportunities and watching them thrive and grow within our business."

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