The names to look out for at Edinburgh Cocktail Week

Updated: Sep 17

Here are all 100 of the contributing bars at the upcoming Edinburgh Cocktail Week!

With 100 bars contributing to this years upcoming Edinburgh Cocktail Week, it can be rather daunting thinking of all the places that will offer a £4 signature cocktail throughout the fortnight-long festivities.

But we have got you covered! Below is a list of each bar involved where you can find them, and the signature cocktail they have on offer. From old favourite to new arrivals, there is bound to be a spot for everyone once the event hits this October!


125 George St. EH2 4JN

East 8 Hold Up

Harvey Nichols

30 - 34 St Andrew Sq. EH2 2AD

Dancing in the Moonlight

The Printing Press

21-25 George St. EH2 2PB

Speyside to Treasure Island

Candy Bar

113-115 George St. EH2 4JN

Peach Island Punch

Copper Blossom

107 George St. EH2 3ES

Raspberry Beret


34A Castle St. EH2 3BN

Chambord Swizzle

Cold Town House

4 Grassmarket EH1 2JU

Absolut Heaven

The Voyage of Buck

29 - 31 William St. EH3 7NF

Lunar Delight


25 Lothian Road EH1 2DJ

Plasma Blasta


20 Princes St. EH2 2AN

Post Melone

Le Monde

16 George St. EH2 2PF

Sip and the City


34 Bread St. EH3 9AF

Cloud 9

Rooftop 51

Moxy Hotel, 2 Freer Gait EH3 9FR

The Edinburgh

The Raeburn

112 Raeburn Place EH4 1HG

The Royal Raspberry


3A St Andrew Square EH2 2BD

The Geddes Fix

The Barologist

23 Commerical St. EH6 6JA

Why So Cirrus

The Keller Taproom

23-27 Broughton St. Lane EH1 3LY

Mead Martini

Malmaison St Andrew Square

22 St Andrew Sq. EH2 1AY