Cornitos Gluten Free Nacho Chips take 'Free From' market by storm

Cornitos Nachos are a tortilla chip snack and a healthy alternative to regular potato crisps. The brand launched in Scotland last year and they have taken the tortilla snack market by storm. The nachos are gluten free as they are made with stone-ground, non-GMO corn rather than wheat products and they are cooked in corn oil too. They are also vegan, cholesterol free, and they use natural ingredients for those fantastic flavours – this means no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are a delicious, tasty alternative and come in five flavours: Spicy Tikka Masala, Hot Peri Peri, Cool Lime and Mint, Mild Thai Sweet Chilli and Smokey Barbecue.

The Cornitos brand was originally started in India by Vikram Agarwal. He took a trip to the US in 2008 where he first tried the delicious Mexican snack and recognised that there was a gap in the market in India he could fill as the tortilla chip snack was not common then. In an interview with YourStory, he said, “In India, traditional namkeen still ruled people’s taste buds. I studied the Indian snack market and found a gap between the ubiquitous Indian namkeen and Western potato chips. This gap could be filled by tortilla chips or nacho crisps.”

After spending 20 years working at his father’s company, Vikram created Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd in 2009. Based in Faridabad, India, Vikram with his company experimented with the best corn to use, the best flavours. The company also made sure from the get-go that the production would be up to international standards. Cornitos was formed and they settled on the five flavours they currently produce; the company also created other products including tortilla wraps, a cheesy dip jalapeno, Spanish tomato corn nuts and other similar products. At the moment, Cornitos only export the nacho chips to the UK.

Cornitos was introduced to Scotland last summer and worked with Blaze XK, a Glasgow-based company which specialises in bringing brands to the market. The nacho chips were a hit with each of the five flavours, and Fraser Heenan, chief executor and co-founder of Blaze XK, was instrumental in the introduction of Cornitos to the UK market as he tried them when he was a business trip in India. Heenan said; “The brand has a real point of difference because these snacks contain only natural ingredients and are free from all of the 14 main recognised allergens, such as dairy and wheat.” Cornitos was launched through convenience stores and wholesalers such as Real Foods, Lifestyle Express and TheVeganKind Supermarket; they also have been added to popular food subscription boxes such as Love Free From and Beer 52, so they are widely available throughout Scotland for those looking to try this delicious snack.

The brand’s nacho chips have been cemented in the market as an excellent snack since Cornitos nacho chips were awarded four prizes in last month’s long-established Free From Food Awards. The awards celebrate snacks, meals and products which are gluten free, dairy free or free from any of the main allergens. Cornitos nacho chips won gold in the Vegan category for their Spicy Tikka Masala; silver for their Mild Thai Sweet Chilli in the Almost Free From; bronze for their Hot Peri Peri in the Savoury Snacks and Crackers, as well as winning bronze once again for their Spicy Tikka Masala in the Best Labelling for Free From category. This is a major victory for the company since they only launched last summer and are still growing in their presence and sales within Scotland and the wider UK. Fraser Heenan said; “To have won the Gold Award for our new Spicy Tikka Masala in the Vegan category – the most hotly contested with 60 entries across a wide range of vegan food products – is huge for us and sets the scene for future growth of the Cornitos brand as consumers increasingly switch to plant-based snacks that are both healthier and delicious.”

The new Cornitos Nacho chips brand is only one of the latest healthy yet delicious snacks that have reached UK shores. With five flavours to choose from, gluten free and vegan, these are the perfect snack to enjoy any day of the year. Make sure to find them at a local convenience store near you.

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