Crafty Distillery redefines the bottle with its latest design

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The unique stopper can also act as a spirit measurer

Crafty Distillery has relaunched their multi-award winning Hills & Harbour gin in a new bottle that reduces environmental impact whilst enhancing user experience through unique design, usability and innovation.

Available from the 15th October 2021 via select stockists as well as online at, the new design features a truly unique stopper design. The extra-wide neck and openings allow it to serve as the world’s first spirit measure as a bottle top.

The stopper is made from 100% cork and natural wood and is beautifully de-bossed with the Crafty Distillery logo, a Scotland shaped lightning bolt. This reusable stopper contains the 12.5ml measure, simply fill it twice to get a UK standard 25ml serve. The design is currently patent pending.

Owner and Founder of Crafty Distillery, Graham Taylor comments:“Fans of our gin have always commented on the amazing taste and the beauty of our existing bottle, so we had to be very careful to retain key elements of the design whilst getting ‘crafty with the rest."

"The new design delivers a balance of both beauty and added functionality, such as the measure in the stopper, which we hope will improve both the drinking experience and reduce waste.”

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