Delightful Cocktails to try this Valentine's Day

Our top picks for the perfect cocktail bar date

Love is in the air as Valentine Day draws ever closer inviting couples to show their affection across the country. While there are a plethora of fantastic ways to showcase your love this month, there is nothing as quintessential as a Valentine's Day cocktail date. Here are our top picks for some fantastic cocktail bars to take your partner to in Edinburgh and Glasgow for some deliciously romantic drinks!

Paradise Palms - Edinburgh

This funky spot on Lothian Street (just opposite Teviot Row) is a popular student hangout and serves up some delicious vegetarian and vegan food, alongside an array of fantastic cocktails (or mocktails) perfect for some chill weekend socials with good music, or in this case, some romantic vibes.

Fitting its lax, beachside aesthetic, the Paradise Palms serves up a mean Pina Colada (or a non-alcoholic version for those inclined) that will be sure to stir up some romantic (and warmer) memories with your partner.

Other highlights include their non-alcoholic Earl Iced Tea, which brings a chill, poolside vibe, their fittingly named Citrus Club, and, for the heartbroken among us, their Zombie should help bring you back to life on a day all about the couples.

Alongside their fantastic drinks selection, Paradise Palms will also be running their Tunnel of Love: Valentines Dinner which offers a three-course vegan meal. Be sure to grab tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Derby Lane - Glasgow

Finnieston's most Instagrammable location. The elegant and whimsical setting is made even better by its hidden speakeasy and exciting cocktail lists.

Some notable highlights on the menu include their DL Bloody Mary - made from Rosemary-chili vodka and some secret spice mix-, Glasgow Botanical Sour made from Glasgow's very own Latitude 55 North Botanical Spirit as well as the DL Margarita.

Derby Lane also has two sharing cocktails on offer: the aromatic Full Moon Tea Party and the boozy Double Dose Painkiller which is another great option that you can enjoy with your significant other.

The Alchemist - Edinburgh

The first Alchemist location to open in Scotland has already proven to be a smash hit, with tables booked days (and weeks) in advance, and its easy to see why. Renowned for their craft, The Alchemist at Edinburgh’s St James Quarter provides visitors some truly captivating concoctions that are not only delicious but visually stunning to boot.

With a bit of alchemical magic drinks like the Colour Changing One – which allows guests to join in on the mixing fun – and the fittingly named Bubble T provide some truly instagrammable experiences.

They also provide some brilliantly boozy drinks as well. Our picks for those that enjoy a bit of a kick in their drink would be the lively Red Dead Zombie – which churns and flows for your viewing delight – and the ‘Caramelised Rum Punch’

For the designated driver or those that wish to abstain from drinking. The super sweet Bubblygum and the fruity Mango Shake are a couple from a list of fantastic mocktails to try.

Wish to experience the magic with your partner? Then be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Five March - Glasgow

Five March is a wonderful and contemporary restaurant. With delicately crafted dishes that fuse many different culinary styles and practices. The ambiance is very chic, with muted tones and wooden surfaces. It exudes the feeling of contemporary class without seeming pretentious.

The ambiance is very chic, with muted tones and wooden surfaces. It exudes the feeling of contemporary class without seeming pretentious.

The cocktail menu is numbered rather than named, adding mystery to the drinks. They can make any of the cocktails into a mocktail upon request. So those not drinking won't miss out on any of the unique flavors they have to offer.

Our favourites from the cockail menu are the No.2; Made from, tequila, sake green tea, lime, melon, and soda and the No.4 created with gin, vermouth, elderflower, blueberry and lime.

Bread Street - Edinburgh

Looking out onto the iconic St Andrews Square, Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street, which opened its doors at the end of 2021, provides some romantic vistas to enjoy a fantastic meal and some delicious cocktails on your Valentine's Day date.

Offering a selection of signature cocktails on offer at their gorgeous bar space guests can enjoy some fantastic drinks such as the aromatic Princess Peach, as well as the Japanese and French-inspired Bushido.

During our visit, we were treated to the delightful Zephyr - created from Cardamom infused vodka, fresh lemon juice, and homemade ginger syrup - which will be sure to add a bit of zest to the proceedings.

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