Dont Miss out on Kilduff's Pumpkin Festival!

Enjoy the festival while you can before it disappears at the end of October

The Patch at Kilduff Farm in East Lothian has kicked off once again this year following an absence in 2020 due to Covid-19.

Kilduff Farm is home to East Lothian’s first pumpkin patch, specialising in culinary pumpkins as well as traditional Halloween varieties for the perfect Jack-o-Lantern.

The Pumpkin Festival, run by Russell and Lucy Calder, involving their three young children from the moment the seeds are first sown, welcomed its first guests on the 16th of Ocotber and will be available until the 31st.

Around 20,000 pumpkin seeds were sewn by hand by the family back in April and after a successful period being cared for in the polytunnels at Kilduff, the pumpkin plants were planted out in two patches at the start of June.

As well as some of the more commonly known varieties including Crown Prince, Knuckle Head and the popular Tractor variety, the Calders are also trialling some new varieties this year.

Commenting on the Pumpkin Festival Lucy said; “A huge amount of planning goes on behind the scenes to prepare for our pumpkin festival and we spend a lot of time praying to the weather gods. Thankfully this year’s crop is looking really promising and we are so looking forward to sharing our hard work and excitement with lots of people this year. After the year we have all had we want to add a real festival vibe to The Patch with a few added extras to pack a bit of a punch.”

Alongside the opportunity to pick your very own pumpkin, there are forms of entertainment for the whole family. The pumpkin house, a picture-perfect backdrop for family photos, will be back and visitors can explore the straw bale maze and have a chat with the farm's resident scarecrows!

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