Edinburgh goes crazy over this chefs Aracini Ball recipe

Around 150kg of the starter have been prepared over six months!

Can you guess one ofthe most popular starter dish in Edinburgh right now? If you guessed aracini balls at the Ten Hill Place Hotel, then you may be right.

Food lovers in Scotland's capital have been going crazy for the fried risotto balls, made by 22-year-old Pedro Videira, to the point where over 150kg worth of the dish has been produced over the past six months (about as heavy as a panda bear!), which equates to approximately 3000 balls since the hotel launched its latest menu at the tail end of July.

The aracini ball recipe has become the star of the show, quickly becoming the bestselling item on the menu, with around 125 portions of the starter served every week.

Pedro, who is originally from Portugal and now based in Edinburgh, said: "It’s hard to say why the arancini balls have been such a big hit, but it's probably due to them being crispy on the outside with melting cheesy risotto on the inside. What's not to like? "I may be biased but I agree with our guests that it’s a brilliant way to start your meal and if I was dining at a Surgeons Quarter venue, I’d probably have it myself. "The melting cheese and arrabbiata sauce is a match made in heaven."

Originating in Sicily, Arancini are Italian rice balls that are stuffed, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried, weighing roughly 50g per ball and served as a portion of three. However, with the delicate panée process and depending on the volume required, Pedro can spend up to a few hours at a time in the kitchen.

Curious to see what the fuss is all about? Be sure to head on over to the Ten Hill Place Hotel to try them for yourself, alongside their other fantastic dishes.

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