Edinburghs first low alcohol showcase debuts this weekend

The Small Spirits Big Show will feature a range of fantastic producers including the award winning Crossip, Bon Accord Soda and the Artisan Drinks Co

For those that like the sound of socialising without the alcohol, the Small Spirits Company will be transforming The Old Dr Bells Baths into Edinburgh's first ever Low and No Alcohol drinks fair with their Small Spirits Big Show this weekend.

Graeme Sutherland, of Edinburgh wine institution Good Brothers, which opened Winekraft in Cannonmills earlier this year, created the Small Spirits Company in 2020 to provide delicious non-alcoholic drinks to that choose not to drink throughout the UK.

Their first showcase will take place on Sunday 5 December and feature a broad spectrum of low and no alcohol products ranging from wines, spirits, craft cocktails and mixers, with exhibitor’s coming from across the UK. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to reduce your alcoholic intake, the Small Spirits Big Show aims to prove that life can be just as exciting without it.

Graeme Sutherland said: “I’m really excited to bring a truly viable alternative to not drinking. As we approach the festive period it's ever more important to live a balanced healthy lifestyle. We’re obviously not preaching teetotalism, instead we’re trying to initiate the conversation about leading a balanced life. Everything in moderation.”

“It’s been very evident since we started the company that there’s been an increased demand throughout 2020 and 2021 in people looking for a lower alcohol lifestyle. What we want is to remove the stigma around not drinking. For those who are choosing not to, we want to have good options and know not drinking doesn’t have to be boring and can still be sociable.”

Crossip the 2021 award winning best non-alcoholic spirit will be present to showcase their trio of 0% alcohol spirit’s. Other fantastic producers, including Bon Accord Sodas, The Great Edinburgh Kombucha, Artisan Drinks Co and many more will be present alongside range of 0% wines.

Visitors will not have to go hungry either as Edinburgh pop-up King of Feasts will also be present to serve up some delicious dishes courtesy of Chef Rob Casson.

Winekraft, which opened in April, operates under the Good Brothers umbrella. Alongside serving as a bespoke wine shop, it also serves as a vehicle to bring the people of Edinburgh together.

In an exclusive interview with Taste Magazine Scotland in July, Grame Sutherland said: " If the high street is to succeed in the future we need to start giving them a reason to come out and create an experience for people and that's what we hope to make here."

Tickets for the event are now available and are priced at £5. For more information regarding the Small Spirits Big Show be sure to check out the Winekraft website.

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