Fine wines from emerging regions: Fìon launches e-commerce wine shop in Edinburgh

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Looking to find your way into the world of wine? Then Fìon may just be the place to start

The Edinburgh wine movement has grown a step further as online wine shop Fìon - helmed by local sommeliers Vera Cebotari and Miguel Crunia - launched last weekend.

The spark that would create Fìon came about during lockdown. The duo desired to change things up by creating a service that provided wine consultancy while shining a light on wines from lesser known creators and regions.

"When lockdown happened, we were frustrated with the openings and closings so we decided to take the risk, set up a company and try to do something different regarding wine" says Miguel. "We are setting ourselves up towards wine consultancy, this is the main core of Fìon. We want to help people build up their own cellars at home with a focus on wines from emerging regions."

"The conceptions that most people have about wine is from what they can find in their local supermarkets which are all mass-produced and very artificial. We want to shout out their that

people need to go to merchants to buy wine, especially the young entrepreneurs putting effort into finding really nice specific wines to sell to you. We didn't want to be like a typical merchant by having a shop, maybe in the future we will consider it, but at the moment we wanted to make an e-shop which exposes people to wine in a different way."

The duo behind the project are very much experts of their craft. Miguel, who is from Galicia, Spain, inherited his love of wine from his grandfather, who was also a wine merchant himself. He has been working as a sommelier restaurant manager & hospitality consultant in various venues including The Dome, The Green Room and Number and is the founder of the Spanish Sommelier Association UK, based in Edinburgh. He also specialises in Spanish and Italian wines.

Vera from Moldova has spent some years been in charge of the wine program at Bacco and is a specialist in wines from various countries, including Hungary, Austria and Portugal.

Seeking winemakers from lesser known regions is a major aspect of Fìon, even in areas that are famous for wine such as Spain or Italy, and is undoubtedly a difficult task. However, through Miguel and Vera's unique specialities, the pair are more than capable of finding emergent wine makers.

"We divide our prospects when setting up the portfolio, Vera covers more of the eastern countries, I cover the classic world in a sense but trying to look for something that isnt very well known in the UK but filled with a lot of quality."

"Instead of selling single bottles, we want to showcase the work of a specific viñero rather than promote a region or a great variety because we believe a lot in the individual. The individual at the end of day, understands the land, the vine, the terroir, the climate and then interprets everything into the wine, letting the wine express itself. The idea is to expose new wines and producers to people and if they like it we can help them trace more reference."

Vera & Miguel have launched Fìon within the EH postcode for now, but they are also able to provide other services outside the Edinburgh area upon request. This includes offering exclusive sommelier services such as corporate events and wine tasting hires, solidifying Fìon as a one stop shop for all wine related experiences.

Alongside showcasing

"I'd like to emphasise that we are a couple of romantics towards the world of wine. We just want to help people to discover those small artisans who put passion and effort in and expose people to different wines than the ones they know already. The world is much more than Burgundy and Tuscany. Don't be afraid to talk with us or the thousands of other merchants with the same passion as us. We want to fill you with emotions and make you fall in love with the same passion we have. We enjoy the challenge of finding something that is perfect for you."

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