Free Pizza for Wee Litter Picking Legends: Meadows and Porty Prom Clean-Up for Kids

Are you looking for a variety of activities and fun things to do in order to keep your wee ones entertained now that it’s school holidays time?

Edinburgh’s neon-lit hang-out neighbourhood pizza bars Civerinos Slice, are hoping to spread some positivity in Portobello and The Meadows this summer by offering kids free pizza in exchange for bags of litter.

Last year Civerinos dished out hundreds of free slices to the capital’s wee litter-picking heroes who travelled from all over Edinburgh and the Lothians to pick up beach litter at Portobello Promenade and exchange it for treats from the restaurant.

This year, the initiative now includes The Meadows in a bid to keep the popular park clean this summer and city centre bairns rewarded for their good work in helping take responsibility for their surroundings. Following last year’s headlines surrounding anti-social behaviour in and around both The Meadows and Portobello Promenade, Civerinos hopes to educate the next generation of the ‘young team’ while making the public spaces a cleaner - and happier place - for everyone.

Taking place every morning before noon, parents can bring their children to Civerinos Slice on Portobello Promenade or Forrest Road to collect a litter grabber and clean-up bag. A full bag of litter can then be swapped for a slice of Civerinos world-famous pizza.

Don't worry parents, there's plenty available for you too, check out this 20 inch monster:

Litter Picking for Kids runs for the whole of July at Forrest Road and for the whole of the school holidays (ends Wednesday 17 August) at Portobello Promenade.

Director of operations Mark De’Mar said: "We have had great success with our kids litter picking incentive on Portobello beach so we wanted to extend that vibe to our OG slice bar at Forrest Rd and get the community there involved with keeping The Meadows just as tidy.

“The litter picking incentive has been great on so many fronts. It's a great activity to get kids involved and aware of how they can help their local communities and on a greater scale their planet.

“As we offer a free slice it's also been a great way for people who are maybe struggling to take the kids out for food to be able to get a slice without embarrassment - something we also try to make a bit easier with our £1 after-school kids slices.

“Last year The Meadows got hit hard with hordes of people and the aftermath wasn't a pretty sight -Civerinos, with the help of local families and allies, will be doing our part in an effort to keep Edinburgh as beautiful as she should be.”

Originally opened in 2014 by Michele and Olivia Civeria, the Civerinos portfolio now boasts its original Italian dining room venue at Hunter Square as well as two Civerinos Slice restaurants on Forrest Road and Portobello Promenade. The brand is currently planning to bring its world-famous pizza to Glasgow.

For more information on Civerinos and Civerinos Slice visit:

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