From Edinburgh to Ukraine...

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February the Ukrainian people have been thrown into war and there are many refugees escaping and some that are stuck in the cities that border Ukraine and Russia. The invasion shocked the world, since then many different forms of international aid have been sent.

An example of this international assistance comes from the ready meal delivery company Parsley Box. It is a family-run company based in Edinburgh started by Adrienne and Gordon. It is a service that provides reliable meal delivery services. They are known for their exceptional service and relevant products.

Two weeks ago 5000 ready meals were sent to the border. The hard work of the team, especially one Yulia Thomson allowed this to happen. The Ukrainian living in Edinburgh has urged her colleagues and friends to donate and send assistance to those she knew were suffering. Having family and friends being directly affected by the invasion meant that she had motivation and impetus to send help in any way she could.

This resulted in an air freight delivery of 5000 ready-meals that were both tasty and nutritious. Their ready meals are easily delivered and can be cooked in refugee camps or other limited conditions using a simple microwave. Each outside donation was matched by the business meaning that the consignment sent out was huge. The company is continuing to support Ukrainian refugees as the first air freight delivery went smoothly.

The food was sent to those stuck in the cities some of whom were living in basements with no water and little food or medicine, Yulia reports that they are grateful for the help that has been sent their way. Edinburgh and Kyiv are twin cities meaning that there is strong social agreement between the two. To see a local company support this connection as well as those in need is heartening.

According to Yulia, the news cycle and social media are only showing us “the tip of the iceberg” in regards to the devastation that is occurring in Kyiv. As the people who have lost their homes and their spirits Parsley Box believes that sending food is a universal way of uplifting them. Parsley box has set up a donation website, where each donation will be matched by the business and will contribute as much as they can to this cause.

‘Thanks to the overwhelming response to our plea to donate meals for Ukrainian refugees, we have decided to continue our appeal. Through a new partnership with Sunflower Scotland we now have continued transport for the meals our customers purchase, so we will ensure they reach those people in most need on a regular basis.'

The positive response and the many donations are helping those in need and a small donation of £3.99 for a meal is all that is required. To contribute visit their website, or call to donate on 0800 612 7225.


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