Glasgow restaurant will plant trees on your behalf with this new initiative

'Plant One On Pickled Ginger' will plant a tree on your behalf for every £15 spent

Pickled Ginger, a Glasgow-based Japanese restaurant, has introduced an initiative in order to make a positive impact on the environment, just in time for COP26.

'Plant One On Pickled Ginger' from Monday, October 25th, until the end of the COP26 conference in Glasgow, allows their customers to plant trees with the brand planting one tree on your behalf for every £15 spent in the restaurant. The restaurant hopes that this small change can have a big impact by encouraging their customers to join them as they become a greener brand.

Pickled Ginger General Manager, Callum Docherty said:"We believe every tree has the power to change the future of our planet for the better. That’s why we put down roots and launched the 'Plant One On Pickled Ginger' initiative. Beginning from Monday 25th October for 4 weeks, we’ll plant one tree for every £15 purchase you make in the restaurant – in other words: every time you place an order in the restaurant we’ll plant a tree for you – on us".

It is widely known that planted trees help combat the negative effects of climate change but they also go one step further. The Glasgow restaurants project, in collaboration with, will enable the organization to plant more trees, which will help store carbon dioxide in the future.

During their four-week 'Plant One on Pickled Ginger' COP26 campaign, Pickled Ginger hopes to raise enough funds to plant over 1000 trees. Alongside the campaign, the Glasgow Finnieston restaurant has revealed a new eco-friendly logo to help raise the awareness of the campaign across social media. Pickled Ginger currently operates a reduce and recycle policy and zero waste on single-use plastic in the restaurant. To learn more about this new initiative, head on over to:

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