Gregg Wallace gets the inside scoop

Updated: Feb 11

Ice cream lovers and gelato aficionados assemble! It's time to see exactly what goes into producing 12-million litres of fresh Mackie's ice cream every year.

In the latest episode of BBC Two's Inside the Factory, MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace takes a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aberdeenshire-based farm and ice cream manufacturer.

Meeting with Kirstin Mackie and her team, Wallace was given the opportunity to observe the

whole process involved in the brand's creation of fresh dairy ice cream. Mackie's prides itself on its environmentally-friendly 'Sky-to-Scoop' production method, in which the farm's own wind turbines provide power for the factory: 'We generate twice as much energy as we use and are on target to become self-sufficient in renewable energy in 2022, with the aim of making our ice cream the greenest in the world!

The Mackie's 1600-acre farm at Westertown has been in the family for over a century and is home to around three-hundred Holstein milking cows, which provide the milk that goes into Mackie's ice cream.

Wallace's visit to Mackie's provides an insight into the various strategies which the brand is undertaking in order to minimise their carbon footprint, and to ensure the ongoing welfare of their 'self-milking' dairy cows. Gregg also tries his hand at creating some of his own honeycomb flavoured Mackie's ice cream.

Previous episode of Inside the Factory have covered the manufacture of everything from malt loaf to tortilla chips, leather boots to industrial diggers.

The episode was aired on Wednesday the 9th of February, and is now available on BBC iPlayer.

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