Harvest Festivals are Back

Dandelion is a modern twist on the age-old tradition of the harvest festival. It is a joint venture between growing produce, sharing, and celebrating food. This project aims to generate music, ideas and a wholesome sense of community and collaboration.

The Dandelion festival is a multifaceted endeavor that pulls all these aspects into one creative project that demonstrates the importance of collective action. Its central aim is to remind people of how easy it is to grow produce food and plants. The ‘grow your own’ initiative is commissioned by Events Scotland’s and funded by the Scottish Government. It forms the Scottish contribution to UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK. The wider scheme is about bringing together the brightest minds in the UK to connect and unveil scientific and extraordinary talent in all sectors.

Naturally, Scotland has chosen to contribute their agricultural and musical skill to the mix as Scotland has a diverse range of farms and readily available local produce, as well as a thriving music scene. It also has beautiful landscapes and many local community projects which have contributed to the different programmes.

Dandelion has a beautiful saying that truly presents the ethos at the heart of Scotland and its musical creative center.

‘A garden in every home, an artist in every place, with food on every plate, always.‘

Gorilla gardening has been part of the environmental scene for a while, but Dandelion is bringing it to the light with the Unexpected Gardens being part of the programme.

Throughout spring and summer, from April to September this year there will be small, beautiful gardens popping up on patches of land that are considered to be unusable. To prove that with the correct skills and scientific application, seemingly destitute locations can thrive and supply us with much needed light and beauty.

Another programme that is occurring this summer is one titled Harvest. From the 9th-11th of September all across Scotland there will be boxes of wonky vegetables, giant soup pots and live music. It will be a collaboration of local community groups coming together to generate a year of growth like no other. It is a new and innovative way of celebrating food and produce and the community of Scotland.

This June there will be two major free festivals taking place, the first in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow.

The line up are well known artists Rura, This is the Kit, Admiral Fallow, Newton Faulkner, Hen Hoose, Niteworks, Darlingside and Les Amazones d’Afrique. The stage is set on a Pavillion plant instillation that is basically a giant vertical farm. After its spin in Glasgow it will head to Inverness in the Northern Meeting Park.

Across the two weekends the park will be transformed in to a harvest festival scene like no other. There will be an interactive walkabout theater, creative and scientific activities and food. This festival will be suited for all age ranges and will inspire people to share knowledge, food and music.

Donald Shaw, Music Director of Dandelion said:

“We’re delighted to reveal the first artists for Glasgow’s Dandelion Festival. It will be a very special environment with performances on unique stages within the iconic splendour of Kelvingrove Park. We’re also very excited to be able to host the premiere performance of Hen Hoose, a brilliant new collective of Scottish female and non-binary musicians."

Further details about the wider Dandelion programme will be released at the end of April, with information about the Inverness Festival released following the Glasgow dates in late June. Keep updated with this fabulous event.

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