How you can enjoy a sustainable five-course meal from Scotland's National Chef

Spaces are limited so be sure to book while you can

Don't miss out as National Chef of Scotland, and Taste Magazine Scotland columnist, Gary Maclean will be serving up a series of sustainable five-course meals called Chef's Table at Edinburgh's Bonnie & Wild this March!

Running from 10th to 12th March, at noon and 5pm each day, the event has been organised in collaboration with Bruichladdich Distillery in celebration of B Corp Month.

The Islay-based distillery was the first European whisky and gin distillery to achieve B Corp status back in 2020. The certification is used to highlight a companies commitment to social and environmental responsibilities.

The five-course meals, which cost £110pp, highlight a range of ethical and environmentally conscious producers and will have Gary talking through each course to guests who will get to witness the cooking action.

Commenting on the event Gary says: “After taking part in last year’s Cop 26, I felt even more fired up about promoting our national larder and telling the stories of some of Scotland’s amazing food and drink producers who put sustainability and the environment at the heart of their business.

“By hosting these dinners in Bonnie & Wild’s Scottish Marketplace, and partnering with the B Corp Bruichladdich Distillery, I can bring this food and drink stories to a wider audience. I want to show people exactly why we should be so massively proud of the amazing produce and producers of Scotland.”

The meal will include a serving of artisinal rye bread and broth for starters, followed by a course of traditional Scottish root vegetables and barbequed celeriac. The third course - and first meat course - features Gigha Halibut served alongside shetland mussels. The halibut is a species that has suffered due to overfishing but Maclean has found the perfect place that provides the fish in an ethical manner:

“Halibut has become a victim of its own popularity, and is now an endangered species,” he says. “However, the incredible Gigha Halibut company has pioneered a land-based aquaculture system that means they can produce these beautiful fish sustainably and cleanly. Rather than a detrimental impact on the environment, one of the by-products is cleaner sea water.”

The final savoury course features game, with braised roe deer loin being the star of the show, which has been chosen for a couple of environmental reasons:

“By eating local, culled roe deer, whose population is more than 350,000, we help to reduce the damage these herds cause to wildlife, forests and crops, while also avoiding the environmental impact that industrial animal farming can have” explains Maclean.

The final course we see a serving of apple pie, with fruit sourced from a variety of small orchards across Scotland.

Bruichladdich Distillery will also be treating dinner guests in the drinks department. This includes an Old Fashioned made from Port Charlotte 10, pear juice and native spices; a martini made from The Botanist Gin, silver birch vermouth and fermented gooseberry; and a highball comprising Bruichladdich’s Classic Laddie single malt whisky, rhubarb and rosemary.

Wish to taste the magic for yourself? Head on over to eventbrite to book your ticket today!

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