In Season - Autumn

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Level up your cooking game with some fantastic seasonal produce

As the warmth of Summer begins to wane and Autumn shifts into gear, a whole new range of seasonal produce becomes available to us. While fruit falls out of favour as we draw ever closer to Winter, there is still a wide range of things to try. Read on as we discuss some of the key food items to keep an eye out for this October.

Some maritime magic

Langoustines, Lobster and Mussels are all in abundance this season. Both Lobster and Langoustines are highly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, their meat utilised in pastas risottos, or simply grilled.

Lobster still exudes a sense of luxury despite its availability so it is a great choice if you aim to impress. Mussels are also highly versatile and can be steamed, sauteed and infused with a variety of ingredients.

Game on

Autumn is when game becomes more prevalent with red deer being the most noteworthy mention. Found typically in the Highlands, this species of deer is typically hunted during

this time of year and are the largest deer in the UK.

Venison cuts tend to be much leaner than comparable cuts of beef; the meat is also high in protein, more varied in amino-acids and typically lower in calories, making it a healthy choice compared to more traditional meat options. Like other meats, venison can be prepped in various ways - why not try it in a stew, or cook it for a burger for a leaner alternative.

Just below the surface

While very few fruits stay in season at this time of year, vegetables continue to maintain their relevancy in Autumn. Parsnips are an excellent choice this time of year and are great

when roasted and pureed. They also make a great addition to soups. Leeks are another versatile choice that pairs well with other ingredients. This vegetable is welcome in soups, quiche, pies or cooked alongside seafood.

Off the beaten path

Look out for wood hedgehogs and rose hips while out on your foraging adventures this season. Rose hips, found on the popular flower of the same name, contain vitamin C and

make a good ingredient for cordials, teas and jellies.

Wood hedgehogs (the mushroom not the animal!) is a well-flavoured and popular edible species that can be identified by the ‘spines’ found underneath the cap. However, foraging for mushrooms can be dangerous for those unaware of what is safe to eat, so don’t be afraid to ask for help and use identification guides to make sure what you are picking is usable in the kitchen.

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