International Salmon Success Stories

Updated: May 9

After a two-year pause due to COVID-19, ‘Team Scotland’ returned to the Seafood Expo Global which this year takes place in its new home, Barcelona. Organised by Scottish Development International (SDI) and supported by Seafood Scotland and Salmon Scotland, the Scotland Pavilion representing Scottish seafood will have 16 firms exhibiting their products, including producers and processors of salmon, langoustine, crab and many more species.

Mairi Gougeon attended this event as the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands. More than 29,000 buyers, suppliers and other sector representatives from 155 countries attended the last Expo in 2019. This year, organisers anticipate that the fair will have more than 2,000 exhibiting companies representing 85+ countries.

This international event is one of the biggest in the world and is extremely important as it is the first one after COVID-19 and Brexit. Despite this Scotland is known worldwide already for its seafood. For three decades, farmers have worked hard to deliver the exceptional quality that meets the strictest standards required. This combined with the unique and natural environment makes Scottish seafood, salmon in particular, truly special.

Ms Gougeon said in regards to their reputation that “Scotland’s seafood industry is a major success story, producing world-class, nutritious, low-carbon food that is enjoyed at home and abroad, with exports increasing by £144 million compared to 2020 and contributing £1.3 billion to the Scottish economy annually. It is an intrinsic part of the Scottish economy that often goes unseen.

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland, said: “We’re proud to be part of Team Scotland and are relishing the opportunity to showcase Scottish salmon in Barcelona, this comes in the year that we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Scottish salmon securing the prestigious Label Rouge quality mark.” With global warming becoming a serious issue that is slowly affecting our food-chain, it is especially important to consider sustainability and the best eco-friendly methods of creating a resilient seafood sector. To protect the individuals, the jobs and the economics that are wrapped up in the sector.

Ms Gougeon has said that the sheer amount of Scottish contribution to Seafood Expo Global is due to the management plans that have been created. These plans demonstrate their commitment to supporting and developing a seafood sector which provides incredibly important employment opportunities across our coastal communities.

It is chance to share food and expertise with other international seafood industries.

The economic impact of the Scotland Pavilion at the 2019 event estimated that sales would increase by £67.25 million over the next three years. While this target was pre-COVID and disrupted by the pandemic, SDI trade officials are confident that the same figure will be matched as a result of Scotland’s participation in the 2022 Expo. Scottish salmon remains a global success that ensures the benefits are reaped internationally as well as locally. It is no wonder that they are continuing to impress and thrive despite the difficulties of the last few years.

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