It feels like Summer with eteaket's Mango Mojitos!

The new summer tea is now available for purchase and can be also be enjoyed at eteaket's tea room in Edinburgh

Scottish independent tea leaf company eteaket have launched their brand new summer tea, Mango Mojito, now available for purchase.

This tropical mixture of papaya, guava and apple,combined with peppermint, lemongrass and lime, provides a refreshing, tantalizing drink, perfect for a warm summers day. Whole rosebuds and bamboo leaves are sprinkled throughout for a colourful finish; providing a visual treat that looks as good as it tastes!

This new blend can be enjoyed in three ways. Enjoying the tea warm is soothing and aromatic, bringing a sense of comfort, perfect for unwinding after a busy afternoon. The drink can also be enjoyed cold, providing the perfect pick-me-up on a warm summer day. The new Mango Mojito flavour can also become a delicious cocktail, bringing thoughts of garden parties and beaches from a single taste. These variants can all be enjoyed at eteaket's tea room in Edinburgh's Fredrick Street, where customers can enjoy the new blend alongside other tasty treats.

eteaket has also launched their Summer Box. This curated collection includes an assortment of delicious teas and infusions alongside plastic-free self fill tea bags to brew the teas with ease. Also included is a booklet containing accompanying tea based recipes to help you through the summer months with some refreshing drinks. Customers are encouraged to practice the companies' 'tea in mind' concept while brewing their teas.

The 'tea in mind' concept empowers tea drinkers to free their mind so that they can thrive through the power of Teany Rituals. This system is inspired by the Five Elements Theory, a Chinese philosophy used to describe the connections between our mind, body & all natural things through the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth & metal. A Teany Ritual can be done while pausing for tea to enable you to calm your mind & re-balance, creating postive energy in the long term.

"It is essentially about choosing your tea based on how you are feeling" says eteaket founder Erica Moore. "The idea is that nature is all connected to everything else, including ourselves so you can tie that different seasons, different emotions, different parts of your body, so therefore different teas."

"The important thing when choosing that tea is we do a Teany Ritual while you are waiting for your tea to brew. It could be something as simple as a breathing exercise or writing something you are greatful for or even chatting to a friend in order to promote positive mental wellbeing."

To purchase some Mango Mojito tea for yourself or to learn more about Eteaket, check out their website here.

Want to try out some of eteaket's summer recipes? Click the link to find out more!

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