It it possible for a truly Scottish Christmas Dinner?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Can you go all in to create a truly Scottish Christmas dinner this year? It would make all the difference. Supporting local, reducing food miles, discovering independent shops and it certainly helps brings back the magic of Christmases past.

With Christmas right around the corner, preparations for the annual dinner have already begun for many. The mad dash to prepare the best of the best for your dinner guests is far from a stressless experience but one that ultimately feels part of the festive tradition.

In pursuit of such perfection, many have likely wondered if it's possible to provide a 100% Scottish dinner to their guests. This is a very possible goal if you are committed to sourcing locally though may require some finesse for certain aspects.

Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Then look no further as Taste Magazine Scotland shares some ideas to help kickstart your dinner prep with some traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients.

Small Talk

While starters and side-dishes are often overshadowed by the main course at Christmas time, they can be approached in so many ways that it can seem hard to come up with some purely Scottish dishes. However, it is this diversity of the course that makes it incredibly accessible. If you fancy something that warms the heart, why not make some delicious cock-a-leekie soup, a traditional Scottish recipe made from chicken, leek and other vegetables which are all easily sourced from farmers markets, greengrocers and local butchers. Why not try out this fantastic Cock-a-leekie soup recipe courtesy of Scots Larder?

Another simple Christmas staple is pigs in blankets which again can be sourced locally, we love Peelham Farm, but if you miss the online order deadline, try your local butcher shop or visit MacDuff Butchers in Bonnie & Wild Scottish Marketplace for some truly festive inspiration. Go get those sausages and wrap them in some bacon for a delicious and easy to prep delight, just ensure that the meat in question is Scottish! If your dietary requirements don't allow pork, check out Woodmill Game who have venison, port & cranberry sausages!

The Main Conversation

Turkey is just as big of a tradition as the gifts under the tree and as such is farmed throughout Scotland, so don’t worry about missing out on that. Other popular alternatives include chicken, duck and pheasant which all serve as delicious centrepieces. You can also make your own gravy quite easily using some carrots, onion, flour, water and meat juices to bolster your plate.

However, you cant enjoy your bird of choice without all the trimmings. Thankfully Scotland is not lacking in the vegetable department so you will not be lacking any parsnips, carrots or brussels sprouts on your plate. Why not try making some homemade roast potatoes by cutting up some premium Scottish potatoes and cooking them in goose fat for some crispy yet soft treats.

Drink it in

To say that there is a wide variety of Scottish drinks to try would be an understatement. With so many beers, whiskies and gins to choose from, it can be a daunting task to figure out which you should select so here are some of our recommendations. For some award-winning craft beers, you can't go wrong with the East-Lothian based Belhaven Brewery who have a variety of best-sellers to choose from.

For the gin enthusiasts, why not add The Gael Signature Gin to your arsenal which brings a hint of citrus to your taste buds. Finally, for those seeking a post-meal dram, Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label brings sophisticated flavours to your palette. For even more drink-based inspiration, be sure to read our festive hamper and whisky features!

Just Desserts

As the ultimate capstone to any meal, a good dessert is just as important as your main course. Thankfully there are two great routes you can go down to wrap up your meal. For those seeking to serve up something traditional, clootie dumplings are the perfect alternative to the usual Christmas puddings and can be served with cream or custard. Why not try this fantastic recipe from our friends at Clootie Mctoot!

Cheeseboards are another great way to round off dinner. With a plethora of Scottish cheeses available you will be spoiled for choice. Why not bring together some fantastic flavours from the award-winning St Andrews Farmhouse? Once your selection is complete, pair them with the finest Scottish oatcakes on hand for the ultimate cheese board!

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