Lerwick Brewery, the UK’s most northerly and remote brewery based on the Shetland Isles, has launched a unique Christmas gift pack that celebrates their island home. Their Fair Isle Bottle Cover gift pack contains two of their pale ales, Azure, a branded glass and a Fair-Isle knit bottle holder, handmade on the island by Alexis Bruce of Lexknits.

Fair Isle is a bright and patterned style of knitting that originated in Shetland but is now famous world-wide. Many people on the island still knit in this traditional way and each knitter develops their own pattern and style. The bottle covers are knitted locally by Alexis Bruce who produces bespoke bottle covers for the brewery to sell alongside their beers for a true Shetland gift!

Kathryn Herculson, Brewery Manager, said “We have been selling Alexis’ bottle covers in our brewery shop for some time and they’re always a big hit with tourists, but with the restrictions, many visitors haven’t been able to make it to Shetland this year. We wanted to create a Shetland gift that would be available online so those who couldn’t make it can still experience a little bit of our island home in their home. The bottle covers are all hand-made by Alexis who knits a variety of items in the Fair-Isle style including traditional jumpers, hats, gloves and cushion covers.

Azure is our 4.3% pale ale, named after the colour of the ocean and celebrates our use of hops from either side of the Pacific. Rakau from New Zealand and Cascade from the USA give this light ale a refreshingly floral and elderflower nose punctuated with peach and tropical fruit flavours.”

The Fair Isle Bottle Cover gift pack is available to buy online at www.lerwickbrewery.co.uk, or at their brewery shop in Lerwick.

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