Lind & Lime Gin Distillery Launches in Leith

On the 26th of May, the Lind & Lime hosted a launch party to celebrate the opening of their new sustainable distillery on the Port of Leith in Edinburgh. The opening of the distillery was a massive achievement for the creators of Lind & Lime, Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher, two lifelong friends with a passion for spirits. They had long dreamed of producing their gin in the historic distilling district of Leith. Lind & Lime is proud that its gin is forged from the talent, heritage and industry of Edinburgh, and distilled with 100% green electricity, produced with 100% organic ingredients and packaged with 100% plastic free materials. Their name, packaging, and even their expansion into other alcoholic ventures pays further homage to the history of the Port of Leith.

Founders Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher at the Launch

The name Lind & Lime was inspired by Dr James Lind, an Edinburgh educated Royal Navy surgeon recognised for developing the theory that citrus fruits, i.e. limes, could prevent scurvy. The co-founders wanted to pay homage to this unsung hero of the Scottish Enlightenment who was able to contribute to remarkable health improvements on account of his discovery. Of course, it is convenient that gin and lime are an iconic combination, lending to the name Lind & Lime working quite seamlessly.

The founders clearly have a strong passion for spirits, the process of distilling, and the ingredients used. Founded in 2014, Ian and Paddy have been hard at work to get to where they are now. The recipe for. the gin took 18 months to perfect. They wanted to create a true London Gin, one that did not have any flavourings such as so many gins on the market now have. The gin it is produced with all organic ingredients, using just seven botanicals with juniper at its core, complemented by fresh lime peel and pink peppercorn. Their attention to detail in getting the recipe just right has certainly paid off, as their product has now won multiple international awards for the gin's superior quality.

The Launch of the new distillery on Coburg street was an incredibly proud moment for the founders. The location held a lot of meaning, as Ian and Paddy had long wanted to be a part of the distilling history in Leith. Ian noted: “We’d been searching for a larger facility for some time, and we were incredibly fortunate to secure the former Sports Warehouse on Coburg Street. Keeping production and bottling in Leith was incredibly important to us.” The pair expect to be able to host 10,000 people for gin tasting and bottling tours every year. Their gin is packaged by hand in a beautiful plastic-free bottle which is inspired by history and imported from Italy. At the Launch, Ian and Paddy were incredibly proud to announce that the distillery would be running on 100% green electricity, an amazing achievement.

Stirling commented:

“Lind & Lime’s journey began in a small industrial unit on Tower Street in 2018 with the sole aim of creating a benchmark classic style of gin. Since launching, our feet have barely touched the ground and we have struggled to meet demand. We now export to 24 international markets and we are incredibly excited to be expanding distribution to the USA later this year...Following a £600,000 fit-out, which began in October 2021, we’ve invested carefully to make this building as environmentally efficient as possible, and we will continue to power production with 100 per cent green electricity."

The opening of this new distillery will allow them to make an estimated 1,000,000 bottles yearly. It certainly marks a huge achievement for this business. However, their ambition does not stop there. At the event, the founders announced a variety of new business ventures that were being undertaken by the brand. First and foremost, they are in the process of building a new Whisky distillery nearby the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith. They expect to start whiskey production within the next year, and are planning on launching their very own Scottish Whisky to their line: "New Scotch". The founders went through a long process to develop the recipe for this Scotch, and are incredibly excited to be able to age it in their very own barrels at the new distillery. The pair have also gone into champagne production, and they hope to expand into wines as well— and are in fact already importing wine as well. They carefully selected two European wines (a port and a sherry) to supply to the UK with through their business. Leith has long been where Scotland has shipped in international wines and spirits to distribute throughout the country. The pair expressed their excitement in being able to label these products as being imported to the port of Leith, like so many iconic foreign alcohols and spirits have been in the past.

The launch event on the 26th of May was incredibly lively, and you really could feel the excitement of the Lind & Lime team. The warehouse was filled with a bustling, diverse crowd, all excited to interact with the products and socialise with the other attendees. The event was decked out with incredible drinks and food: there were 5 bars, all offering different drinks and cocktails of all sorts. The main bar had a choice of 3 cocktails all made with Lind & Lime London Dry Gin: a spritz, a G&T, and a classic lime Gimlet. They also had a champagne bar, offering their very own champagne, and a couple of bars showcasing brands that Lind & Lime was collaborating working with. You could try the sherry and taste chocolate which was infused with that same sherry, and drink port and try sausage which was infused with that same sherry. They even had a bottling station where you could bottle your own mini gin bottle! It was all super interactive and lively, and definitely was a great way to open the new distillery to the public. If you are interested in seeing how the distillery runs and in tasting this delicious gin, book a tour here.

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