Links House at Royal Dornoch sews the seeds for sustainable fine dining

The luxury resort has helped make Scotland a little more green thanks to the launch of a charity initiative earlier this year

Links House at Royal Dornoch, the most northerly luxury destination in Scotland, has unveiled that diners at their new fine dining concept MARA have helped plant over 237 trees.

Each diner choosing the restaurant’s Tasting Menu has had £3 donated on their behalf to Trees for Life – a Highlands-based charity dedicated to restoring Scotland’s greenery. Since opening, the restaurant has sold nearly 500 of the menus, allowing a donation of £1640 to be made to the charity.

With MARA’s menus focusing on presenting the ‘gifts of Scotland’s waters, field, forests and skies with minimal interruption,’ the charity's goals aligned well with MARA's according to Links House Managing Director Phil Scott.

Commenting on the sizeable donation, Phil said; “Alongside curating and producing the best experience we can for our guests, we are very mindful of our external responsibilities too. The whole philosophy of MARA has been to showcase the best that Sutherland, the Highlands and Scotland has to offer and supporting the areas in which we procure this from is paramount.”

The achievement is part of an overall commitment made by the restaurant, to serve diners with the very best in local and seasonal produce. Many of the herbs served by MARA are grown on-site using Links House’s Kitchen Garden, whilst meat and seafood are sourced as locally as possible in a sustainable manner.

MARA has also joined the Slow Food network – an organization that seeks to protect local food cultures and traditions, and encourage interest in food and its origins. With food tourism becoming a major draw for many visitors, the team at Links House at Royal Dornoch and MARA believe that ethical, sustainable fine dining is paramount.

Executive Chef, Craig Byiers added: "It is always our desire, across the board, to procure and deliver regional, seasonal, sustainable & “slow’ food while working toward a policy that promotes a ‘zero waste' mentality. Essentially these values are those learned and practiced by the vast majority of chefs."

"In the current economic climate, we are facing many fresh challenges as individuals and collectively as communities. As a tourism and hospitality business, we are well placed to promote and support local businesses and artisan producers by showcasing fantastic local produce. That is our aim for now and the future, wherever, however, and whenever possible. Our aim through our menus at MARA is to be mindful of sustainability, to use the highest quality ingredients, and to promote our cultural links to our locality through the mediums of food & drink."

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