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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Hebridean Mustard Company is an artisan mustard maker on the Isle of Harris in the the Hebrides, producing hand-crafted specialist mustards in small quantities using only the very best ingredients. Inspired from her German background and her love of mustard, Heike Winter sold her first jar of Mustheb Scottish Mustard in 2017. Since then, The Hebridean Mustard Company has continued to produce a variety of flavoured mustards, as well as sea salts, spices, and even Mustard Spoons fashioned from Juniper Wood. Here we've listed the absolutely must-have additions to your condiments shelf from The Hebridean Mustard Company!

Garlic Galore

A best-seller. The hardneck porcelain garlic from the Really Garlicky Company in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands used here gives this mustard a 'true' garlic flavour, and it doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that some other varieties can have.

Infernal Bliss

This fiery indulgence contains pure yellow mustard seeds, a good portion of red jalapeños for a sweet heat and cayenne pepper for an extra kick. The addition of Cider-vinegar ensures a pleasant acidity.

Taste of India

The full-bodied aromas of the spices used in the Taste of India artisan mustard are very finely tuned to each other so that no flavours get lost in the mustard. The mustard itself also retains its taste, whilst being reminiscent of a traditional curry.

Bonnie Wholegrain

Bonnie Wholegrain offers notes of lime, gooseberry, and grapefruit, and contains yellow and brown mustard seeds, white wine, white wine vinegar, mustard flour, sea salt and a hint of honey - that's it. No preservatives, no colours, no flavours!

8 Pepper Ceilidh

This one is for mustard fans who really love a peppery kick! Eight high quality varieties of pepper gather for a guaranteed Ceilidh on the palate. Black, green, white, and pink peppercorns meet allspice, cubebs, Bengal pepper, and grains of paradise, dancing to the mustard beat to entertain your taste buds. A peppery thrill.

Mustard Towers and Minis

Can't quite decide? Pick a mustard tower or a mini selection! There are five mustard towers to choose from, with each one offering a selection of three different mustards to try for just £18. Meanwhile the mini selection offers four 42g jars of mustard, and a 42g jar os sea salt, allowing you to sample a whole array of what The Hebridean Mustard Company has to offer. These would also make the perfect gift for any mustard lovers in your life too.

Mustard Sea Salt

This sea salt blend with mustard seeds and flour gives just the right kick. A well balanced combination of coarse sea salt, yellow and brown organic mustard seeds, and a dash of mustard flour is a great addition to any kitchen.

Chilli Sea Salt

For those who would prefer a little more heat, the Chilli Sea Salt is where its at - a fiery combination of coarse sea salt, red jalapeños, and cayenne pepper.

Juniper Spoon

Every single one is a handcrafted unique treasure made of Juniper wood - highly durable and boasting an aromatic juniper scent.

Visitors to the Isle of Harris can also visit Heike's Mustheb Mustard Shack, which can be found at 10 Glen Kyles on the A859. The shack runs on an honesty policy where customers can leave cash for the products and unlike many others across the country Heike's takes card too!

For more information about The Hebridean Mustard Company please visit: To place an order or to view other products available at The Hebridean Mustard Company please visit:

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