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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Who doesn't love doughnuts? For National Doughnut Day, we have compiled a list of the best places to get doughnuts in Scotland. Whether you want a classic, or something with a Scottish twist; whether you prefer chocolate or fruit, we found something for everyone. Happy eating!

The Kilted Doughnut - Edinburgh

The Kilted Doughnut is based on Leith Walk who specialise in handmade artisan doughnuts done in the American style but often with a Scottish twist. Created and run by Lena and her husband Mark, they got their idea on their honeymoon in New Orleans. They started trading with their first market stall in Leith Market and after a year of success, they opened shop! Some of their personal favourites include the Cranachan and the Boston Cream, and fan favourites include the Millionaire, which they can’t seem to bake fast enough. They change their flavours every week which range from Fiery Scotch Bonnet to Berry Sublime and to old-time classics like Cinnamon Swirl.

Tantrum Doughnuts – Glasgow

Tantrum Doughnuts was established in 2015 by husband and wife, Iain and Annika, who started doing pop-ups around Glasgow before they opened shop. They were such a success that they moved to a bigger space in 2018 and have continued to create fresh, delicious doughnuts ever since.

They hand-make their doughnuts every days and they recommend you eat them the same day as they don’t use preservatives. With three types of doughnut doughs and a whole load of flavours, there are plenty of choices to sink your teeth into. The doughs come in their signature fluffy brioche, cakey ‘old fashioneds’ or Vegan rings. The staff favourites include The Salted Honey Glazed Ring and Almond Buttermilk Old Fashioned. National Doughnut Day sees the last day they will serve the Banana Cake Old Fashioned shown below!

Room & Rumours Coffee – Edinburgh

Husband and wife team Ali and Aysel Eren are the brains behind the beautifully styled specialty coffee shop Room & Rumours Coffee, situated in Edinburgh’s Waverley Arches. Since opening at the start of the year, Room & Rumours and their distinctive coffee cups adorned with their moon and stars logo have gained plenty of hype across social media.

The shop offers a selection of home-made sweet treats (vegan ones too!) and a rotation of new coffee roasts and collaborations – but it’s the famed, mouth-watering array of doughnuts that keep customers coming back for more. In the weeks following their opening, customers were regularly queuing up for over an hour just to get their hands on a doughnut, and the café found themselves selling out every single day. With sustainability in mind, their takeaway packaging and coffee cups are compostable, carbon neutral, and plant based, whilst their milk is delivered daily in glass bottles directly from Mossgiel Organic Farm. Boasting flavours like Lotus Biscoff, Black Forest, Coconut & Lime, Rhubarb & Ginger, White Chocolate & Passionfruit, Banoffee, Chocolate Hazlenut and a hole lot more, it’s not hard to see why Room & Rumours Coffee has very quickly become one of the top-rated spots in the city.

Argos Bakery – Orkney Islands

This little family run bakery is full of delicious savoury and sweet treats. So why are they on our National Doughnut Day list you may ask? They have a fantastic doughnut cake! Unsurprisingly, this is quite popular and can be decorated with a message of your choice.

This bakery has been going for four generations and they have fantastic recipes for cakes and doughnuts alike. As well as their doughnut cake, they have a range of classics, including chocolate, sprinkles, caramel and yum-yums.

Doughnut Time – National

For National Doughnut Day this year, Doughnut Time are launching a new collection which has two special changes. They are made with gluten free ingredients and they’re baked, not fried. These zany creations are here to inspire, delight, to tickle your taste-buds and the collection features 10 new baked doughnuts - two are vegan – which are all sport quirky names.

Lara Thompson, Head of Product Development says: “Doughnuts are a bakery product that many people on a gluten free diet still have to go without. Our focus was to create a collection that doesn’t skimp on the good stuff - flavoursome, spongey and indulgent baked doughnuts. We found that by mixing our favourite flavours into the dough we could ensure each bite is moist and moreish.”

Although they have 13 stores based in London, they offer next-day delivery nationwide and they certainly passed our taste test recently!

Perk Doughnuts – Inverness

This beautifully established little shop in Inverness is a hot place to go for your doughnut fix! They were established 3 years ago and have since made almost 200 different doughnut flavours. They allow their doughnuts to prove for a minimum of 12 hours to have that fluffy and delicious taste. With doughnuts made every day in a variety of flavours, there is lots to be excited by! Classics include the Inver-mess (a raspberry jam and cream filling, with fresh raspberry glaze and meringue on top), That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles, (filled with, yes, cookie dough and topped with white chocolate ganache, milk chocolate drizzle and cookie chunks) and the Classic ring (covered in cinnamon and sugar). This wonderful little place also caters for events such as weddings and birthdays so go check it out!

Considerit – Edinburgh

This fantastic doughnut place continues to challenge our perception of normal with entirely vegan doughnuts! All of their doughnuts and chocolate are free from animal and made from hand every day. They have Mixed Berries (raspberry glaze with whipped cream toped with berries and white chocolate drizzle), Chocolate Caramel (a chocolate ganache filling with a caramel glaze and drizzlings of caramel and chocolate) and fantastic other options. Today’s National Doughnut Day options include: Reverse Crunchie (chocolate glaze with honeycomb) and Jamie Dodger (raspberry glaze with Jamie dodgers and white chocolate).

You won’t believe this place is vegan because everything is so good.

Byron Bakery – Aberdeen

This deliciously, delightful bakery opened in 1977, and what was meant to be a small bakery grew into something bigger! They bake everything in-house, and with one of the workers there for 43 years and another head baker there for 20 years, they have some of the best pastries, sweet treats and, of course, doughnuts! They have classics such as iced buns, sugar doughnut rings, jam-filled and a toffee glazed doughnut with a custard filling. The favourite is the all-time bakery classic: a toffee doughnut filled with cream. To say they do it the simple well is an overstatement. They have continued to create and bake treats alike for a long time.

Nic’s NYC Deli and Donuts - Glasgow

This little doughnut heaven has everything you could ask for. These doughnuts, or donuts, are traditionally from the big apple but they have a little Glasgow twist. The owners create new and delicious doughnuts all the time, and they offer a huge variety, including ones for those with allergies, just ask. Go check them out for National Doughnut Day!

The Skye Bakehouse – Isle of Skye

Mania and John started this bakery in 2016. Mania is Polish and they have Tłusty Czwartek which literally translates to ‘Fat Thursday’. This is preparation for lent and the holidays, and Mania took this concept and introduced it to the Isle of Skye which Scottish people have absolutely adored. And wouldn’t we? What a wonderful way in which we can eat all the doughnuts we desire. Their biggest hits include their salted caramel and pretzel doughnut and a classic homemade raspberry jam. The couple’s personal favourites are apple crumble, and lemon curd and meringue doughnuts. Be sure to catch them at the markets tomorrow!

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