Old Fashioned cocktail recipe with Glen Moray Peated whisky

Glen Moray whisky has long been a staple among the Scottish whisky community and they have perfected the craft, creating ranges of delicious whiskies. This recipe, which is perfect for an autumnal fireside evening, uses the classic Glen Moray peated whisky in an Old Fashioned recipe.

With distinctive campfire notes from smoking the peat and aged in American oak casks for hints of vanilla, this peated whisky is a wonderful and distinctive one to use, making it the perfect companion for a cosy evening indoors as the weather begins to chill.

They have magnified the sweet power of the old fashioned with hints of cherry and maple syrup, while the rich, smokiness of the whisky is enhanced through the smell and taste of the bitters.

A delightful way to start the autumnal season this year.


50ml Glen Moray Peated

3 dashes Bitter Truth Creole bitters

12ml Maple syrup

1 dash ginger bitters

½ tsp cherry juice

Orange twist and 3 cherries to garnish along with 2 squares of chocolate


1. Take a mixing glass and add half the whisky, maple syrup, cherry juice and bitters. Fill with cubed ice and stir.

2. Add the rest of the whisky and keep stirring, adding more ice until the drink is diluted to taste. Strain into chilled rocks glass over a large single cube of ice.

3. Garnish with a thin piece of orange zest and 3 cherries. Add a couple of squares of dark chocolate too if you like.

4. Slàinte!

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