Once a Recording Studio Now a Restaurant...

The Rendezvous Cafe is set to celebrate its 15th year in the Highland Capital. The popular venue in Church Street is one of the most well-known eateries in Inverness. Occupying the site of the former Northern Meeting Ballroom which played host to The Silver Beatles on 21st of May 1960 – later they were known as The Beetles.

The Dark Kitchen is an eclectic food experience for takeout dishes, it is loved by locals and visitors alike. These two venues are being merged by Benny Karoci Hadar the owner of both establishments. This amalgamation will give diners the chance to eat their favourite takeaway in the surrounding are of the iconic restaurant.

The aim is to create a place not only for breakfast and lunch, but also a venue where groups of friends can meet for dinner and drinks ahead of a night out in a beautiful fusion eatery and with a casual atmosphere of great music and friendly service.

“We are still keeping our popular Rendezvous menu from 8am as a Scottish day and lunchtime cafe too. The main passion is to give the experience of a cafe diner in the morning and lunchtime and in the late afternoon to give a more relaxed experience, with quality wines, booze and delicatessen platters with our famous eclectic twist. In the evenings, from 6pm, we move together with the diners to a relaxed, casual hospitality format of fusion food from the best of The Dark Kitchen.”

Inverness is developing and changing, the influx of visitors and the locals is creating a new food culture and the businesses must also evolve. The venue was a major part of the fabric of the city’s nightlife, hosting some of the biggest music gigs in town, if not the whole country. It is now becoming just as important, but in a whole new and innovative way. .

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