Pickles Pack a Punch

Produced at the fourth-generation Taylor farm, Mackie’s Crisps has become the leading Scottish crisp brand with a dedication towards making high quality, delicious crisps and snacks.

Mackie’s are releasing a smaller more compact-able size of their high-selling flavour of crisp. It will become part of the meal deal options that you can find in many stores. The pickled onion flavour has been unsuspectingly popular. Due to this it is being launched in a new 40g flavour packet that will ensure that you can have this delightful snack in a healthier size.

The flavour packs a punch and due to the unprecedented success of the larger packet Mackie’s have decided to release the legendary flavour and make it something more transportable.

Retailing for 85p, the flavour will sit alongside the 40g range which includes Sea Salt, Mature Cheddar and Onion, and Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper.

Brand Manager at Mackie’s at Taypack, Shelley Reid, said: “Extending a packet size range is a great sign of how popular a flavour has been with consumers.

“We always listen closely to consumers thoughts and opinions, and there has been brilliant feedback on our pickled onion crisps from the outset. It was important to us to ensure there were more options of this much-loved flavour – and in portion-controlled sizes.

“Pickled onion is made only from natural flavourings meaning the crisps are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, making it accessible for a wide consumer market”

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