Pop-up bar in Finnieston which focuses on sustainability opens today for a limited time

A new pop-up bar is set to appear today in Finnieston for a limited time which centres around sustainability.

As Glasgow continues to be a hotspot and the focus on topics around sustainability, a new pop-up bar called ‘THERE HAS TO BE’ will be running in the hip foodie area of Finnieston in Glasgow’s West End. This new bar will take over the premises of ‘Alchemilla’ from today until Sunday 14th November which will celebrate and promote sustainability in the food and drink industry.

The aim of the pop-up is start a conversation on reducing waste in hospitality and the minds behind the venue have come together with some innovative ideas to do so. By connecting with local bars in the area, they can educate everyone including customers around sustainability and its impact on the local economy.

With various creative hospitality businesses coming together alongside CDPI (Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative) to create this endeavour, this pop-up will be the highlight of food and drink talks during COP26.

The education starts when you walk in with a thought-provoking conversation opening in the form of the light installation that reads “there has to be”.

The conversation around sustainability grows as you take in the utterly delectable drinks menu where everything is sourced locally – WoodWinters have a focus on sustainability and curated an exclusive wine list for THERE HAS TO BE which features organic wines.

The minds behind the venture are working hard with the neighbouring bars in the area, such as The Parlour, Berkeley Suite and The Brunch Club, to utilise their discarded waste creatively in the new bars’ drinks. Waste such as excess pineapple juices and limes mean every drop of the fruit is used to its best advantage in a variety of cocktails.

The focus on sustainability is not just about the supply chain but also in the creation of the drinks behind the bar. By having the glasses pre-chilled means less ice required; they also dehydrate fruit before it goes bad so as to preserve and waste less. Staff who are working behind the bar to prepare you the finest drinks are the ‘Best of Glasgow’ as they have been hand-selected for their long-term experience in the industry and commitment to sustainability.

These eco-conscious cocktails will be the new talk of the town as there is a variety of classics available: frozen margaritas, old fashioned and negronis are just the tipping point of the menu. The cocktail recipes were provided by the ever-growing Cocktail Collective who have the dangerous job of delivering cocktails straight to your door. Other cocktails available will be made with local sustainable brands such as Liquid Oats (an alcohol oat milk infused with whisky) and Panther milk (infused with JJ Whitley gin and Rum 66), for the ultimate sustainable cocktail experience.

Adam Strang from Cocktail Collective said: “We wanted to do something different to get the industry thinking about their carbon commitments and represent Glasgow hospitality. Sustainably conscious cocktails don’t need to be boring, if you stop and taste any of our cocktails, you’ll agree. We’re only open for a limited time, come and support us if you can.”

For those feeling peckish, an artisan, Neapolitan-inspired pizza will be on offer to compliment the drinks. Mangiamo Pizza have taken over this endeavour to provide those in Finnieston with a marvelous pizza, fit for any occasion – including this special week which focuses on sustainability.

The pop-up bar has exclusively taken over the venue of Alchemilla which used to do beautiful share dining boxes of Mediterranean food with an array of accompanying organic wines. A spokesperson from Alchemilla said: “We’re busy making plans to reopen the restaurant next month, same chefs, new name, foods from a different continent. We’re really excited to announce everything soon. In the meantime, we’re glad that we can enable the vision for THERE HAS TO BE pop up to happen with their sustainable takeover.”

What better way to round off an evening full of good drinks and wonderful people who also wish to promote and celebrate sustainability than with entertainment curated by the Berkeley Suite Nightclub with local DJ’s.

Taste Magazine was able to speak with Harry Olorunda from Halewood Artisanal Wines who is helping to create and set up the venue. He says; “We want to provoke food for thought and have fun but in a sustainable way. It’s a cultural thing but we have to start that shift towards a better, more sustainable practice.”

Head down to 1126 Argyle Street tonight to check out this exquisite new pop-up bar open from 4pm to 2am available until Sunday 14th November.

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