Recipe: The Duke's Bloody Mary

There are Bloody Marys, and there’s The Duke’s Signature Bloody Mary. As General Manager of The Duke’s Umbrella in Glasgow, Craig McKay explains: "The Duke’s Bloody Mary is made with Isle of Bute Oyster Gin, which was the world’s first gin made by distilling oyster shells. The almost savoury taste of the gin lends itself beautifully to the classic Bloody Mary cocktail." Here's the recipe for The Duke's reimagined take on this boozy brunch favourite.

The waters of the west coast of Scotland are famous for their oysters, especially from the beautiful Loch Fyne, a sea loch that extends 65 miles inland from the Sound of Bute. It is this Loch that the oyster shells used in this gin come from. Isle of Bute Oyster Gin is light and refreshing with a maritime edge. Lime, cucumber and seaweed notes combine to give you a taste of the ocean in a glass.


50ml Isle of Bute Oyster Gin

20ml Worcestershire Sauce

15ml Lemon juice

Small handful of fresh Cucumber

1 sprig of Rosemary

1 stick of Celery

Pinch of Whisky-Smoked Sea Salt

Cracked black pepper

4 dashes of Tabasco Sauce

100ml Tomato Juice

Cumbrae Oyster

Add the Isle of Bute Oyster Gin, Worcestershire Sauce, Lemon juice, Tomato Juice, Black Pepper, Rosemary, and Tobasco Sauce to a shaker. Roll with ice and strain into a glass rimmed with Whisky-Smoked Sea Salt. Garnish with fresh Cucumber, a stick of celery, and a fresh Cumbrae Oyster.

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