Scottish Hotel of the Year to launch new restaurant

“Edinburgh’s sexiest hotel”, House of Gods, is set to launch a carnival of late-night dining debauchery with their newest venture - Casablanca Cocktail Club. Inspired by the celebrity-fuelled club scene of LA; part restaurant, part late night hotspot. It’s a concept that promises to be the capital’s most decadent destination.

House of Gods Launched in September 2019 and has since been lauded as The Sunday Times’ Scottish Hotel of the Year 2020. The 22 room boutique hotel and cocktail bar located on Edinburgh's Cowgate is a luxurious OTT blend of maximalist interiors, lavish fabrics and hand-finished details polarised against an easy going vibe. Casablanca Cocktail Club is the hotel’s first restaurant concept.

Located across a courtyard from House of Gods Hotel, Casablanca Cocktail Club is scheduled to open on Thursday 16th September. With equal emphasis placed on the dishes, the surroundings, and the music itself, this is Edinburgh’s first foray into vibe-dining.

We wanted to create a truly hedonistic dining experience.” explains Mike Baxter, the co-creator of House of Gods.

With a menu boasting dishes including a 24 carat gold Wagyu burger served on limited-edition Versace plates to Scallop Chicken Wings marinated in Dom Perignon, Head Chef Andrew Logie has been trusted to create something very special.

The decor is every bit as maximalist and extravagant as you would expect from the creators of House of Gods. Mirrored ceilings, pinot noir velvet clad dining chairs, and gilded artwork are juxtaposed with pulsing neon lights to create an otherworldly, film-like aesthetic.

And as for the soundtrack, the team have enlisted the help of some of Scotland’s finest DJs. “It's all about guilty pleasures,” explains Mike. “An eclectic mix of house and funk edits of favourites like Beyoncé, Guns'n'Roses, The Notorious B.I.G. through to contemporary artists like The Weeknd and Lizzo. Think the coolest wedding you have ever been to; it’s the music that connects us and brings everyone together no matter their musical preferences".

We wanted to create a space where you could go for an incredible meal, have a few drinks and end the night dancing on the tables. With operating hours that see the restaurant open until the wee small hours, it’s fair to say diners won’t have to find somewhere else to head to for a post-meal nightcap.

With demand for tables already high, Casablanca Cocktail Club are now offering pre-access registration via their website ( Rooms at House of Gods start from £120 per night - for more information please visit:

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