Scottish Larder - Winter 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Looking for some festive neccessities? Check out our list of foods, ingredients and products to help get you started!

Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil

For those looking for a delicious and sustainable rapeseed oil for their cooking, look no further. Cullisse Highland cold pressed Rapeseed Oil is one of the most highly acclaimed in the Scottish Highlands with its micro-climate and rich fertile soils. It can be used for baking, frying and with its buttery taste, is the perfect accompaniment in dressings and for dipping. Taste notes can vary between hints of asparagus, pea shoots and even a slight nuttiness. £7.50 for 500ml

Hebridean Mustard Company Christmas Edition

This season, spice up your festive table with a limited edition seasonal mustard. Made with festive spices including cinnamon, cardamom, clove, aniseed, ginger, coriander and mace, this is the perfect mustard to try with a traditional turkey or a seasonal pheasant. Add a small spread on a leftover sandwich or add to a cheese or cold meat platter to give a little flavouring and colour to the offering. £6.50 for 120g

Cranberry Sauce with Port

Located in Arbroath, Scotland, Mrs Bridges condiments are a name acquainted with luxury due to the high-quality of ingredients and beautiful array of jams, chutneys and sauces. The delightful twist on a classic is the perfect pairing any time of the year, but for Christmas a jar of Cranberry Sauce infused with the rich sweetness of port is a Scottish favourite for the table. Apply delicately or lavishly according to your taste for the mains but don’t be afraid to bring this jar back out for the cheese and cracker course. £3.25 for 250g

St Andrews Farmhouse Anster Cheese

St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese is renowned for its hard cheeses produced using traditional methods and with its delicate flavour combination, this cheese is a must-have to try this season. With a crumbly texture popular in the area and aged up to four months, the flavour is mild yet complex with a fresh citrus note and an earthy rounded mouthful. Be sure to choose this one for the cheeseboard on Christmas Day. £5.35 for 200g

Perthshire Oatcakes Cracked Black Pepper