Summer Berry Surprises

As summer heads our way, Mackie’s have created two new flavours, that will hit the shelves later this month. Adding to the indulgent range there will be a new White Chocolate as raspberry flavour, and to their classic range there will be a strawberry cream flavour. Tesco in Scotland will have the honour of stocking theses in Scotland. In England and Wales, they will be available in Ocado owned stores.

The berry filled favours are unique as the compote included in them is both handmade and locally sourced. The farm in Aberdeenshire, known as Castletown, is where the fruit is grown and processed. The Castletown farm, like Mackie’s is a family run business that has been dedicated to establishing an ethical and environmentally conscious business. Each piece is picked and graded by hand and the company prides itself on the combination of tradition and innovation.

They have acquired a state-of-the-art saucing machine that uses gentle methods to create compote form the entire berry, so that none of the delicious produce is wasted. Scotland’s fruit is famed for its flavour as the temperate climate allows the berries to ripen slowly, creating a particularly sweet flavour. The business is carbon positive and self-sustainable, with energy generated in a variety of ways, through solar panels, biomass boilers, CHP (combined heat & power) units and a heat pump. The new technology and the quality produce mean that the product is full of taste, colour, and texture.

Returning to the new flavours, each one is imbued with sweet and zingy berries. Mackie’s want to ensure that customers are always entertained and constantly surprised by the new flavours. This collaboration with Castletown farm is set to do exactly that.

“For the white chocolate sauce, we worked to create something ourselves that would stay soft and luxurious in the ice cream. To do that we had to make our own base white chocolate, before turning it into a ganache with cream and golden syrup, before swirling it through the ice cream along with the zingy raspberry.”

The Strawberry Swirl is unique due to its 100% berry compote, and it is an exciting take on a classic flavour. Strawberry Swirl will be in Scottish Tesco stores along with an extended listing in Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK.

Be sure to keep an eye out for when these delicious flavours hit the shelves.

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