Survey says: more Scots are eating locally grown foods

Scotty Brand, provider of premium seasonal Scottish produce, are celebrating the start of both the new Ayrshire potato season and Scottish strawberry season. This follows research showing that 6 in 10 Scottish shoppers believe it is important to have local produce available when grocery shopping. With more people cooking more meals at home over the past year, the surveys also revealed that there has also been a 12% increase in Scots buying locally grown vegetables since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting of the start of the new potato and strawberry season, Michael Jarvis, Head of Marketing at Scotty Brand said: “June is an exciting time in the Scotty calendar with our Ayrshires and strawberries hitting the shelves this weekend. Scotty Brand Ayrshire potatoes are the first and finest new potatoes grown in Scotland. In fact, Ayrshires are regarded as among the best in the world which is why they were granted PGI status in 2019. We never really shout about the Scottish weather, but the temperate conditions in Scotland allow our fruit to ripen at a slightly slower rate which results in our strawberries tasting sweeter and juicier. As more people continue to cook more meals at home here at Scotty Brand we welcome that shoppers are supporting the Scottish food industry by buying Scottish products when they can.”

The first yield of Ayrshire potatoes heralds the start of the new potato season. And it’s the Ayrshire location that provides the ideal growing conditions. This is mainly due to Ayrshire’s light sandy soil and sheltered beaches which benefit from the warming waters of the Gulf Stream, allowing farmers in Ayrshire to be able to plant their crop a few weeks earlier. Scotty Brand strawberries also benefit from their location. Grown and packed by Bruce Farms in Perthshire, the light, fertile soil, long summer days and mild nights provide the best conditions for growing sweet, juicy berries.

Lucy Husband, Market Development and Business Engagement Director at Scotland Food & Drink said: “It has been difficult, but an equally important, year for fruit and vegetable producers in Scotland, with more and more consumers choosing to buy locally. We've seen a significant increase in the number of shoppers who are putting high importance on buying local produce. As well as recognising the quality and seasonality of produce available, consumers are considering the environmental impacts and sustainability when they buy fruit and vegetables. All of this, coupled with the desire to eat seasonally and support local producers, we hope, will continue to make the case strong for buying local in the future.”

Scotty Brand strawberries come in 300g punnets and will be available throughout Scotland in Asda stores. Scotty Brand Ayrshire potatoes are widely available in selected Asda, Co-Op, Lidl, Spar, Tesco, and Waitrose stores in Scotland.

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