The hidden gin gem: Pentland Hills Gin

Pentland Hills Gin is one of the hidden gems of Scottish gins with its delectable traditional botanical flourishes and strong hints of citrus. The company is owned by Managing Director Tabatha and Head Distiller Phil who have created, in a few short years, a strong, smooth and beloved gin which reflects the natural environment the gin is distilled in. Their adorable Chocolate Labrador, Panza, is the face of the company and his photogenic face is a perfect enticement.

Pentland Hills Gin have two beautiful gins - Original and Navy Strength.

Pentland Hills Gin Original

This utterly delicious bottle has rustic characteristics as well as classic botanical tastes at the centre of every sip. There are striking citrus notes before it finishes on a smooth finish.

Pentland Hills Navy Strength Gin

Although the gin has a 58% ABV, there are none of the harsh notes typically associated with a navy gin. This gin has a smooth, full bodied, silky feel on the tongue before the citrus and mint notes come through. The earthier flavours and cardamum spices are prominent neat or with tonic.

The Navy Strength Gin has been recognised as a distinctive, prized flavoured gin. It won Bronze at the World Gin Awards 2021 and Silver at the London Spirits Competition. Pentland Hills gin has also been awarded the highly respected Gin Guide Environmental and Sustainability award for their concentration and principles on sustainability.

Tabatha and Phil believe that what you take, you should give back. With that in mind, they are planting juniper trees in Scotland for future production in their gins as the trees are declining in population in part due to a pathogen which struck in 2015, often killing the tree. They are also promoting the use of ‘refillable gin bottles’ which truly sounds like heaven. Not only is this environmentally friendly as it reduces the production of materials, but it will also help your wallet since the price is reduced by a tenner. The overall packaging is designed to be sent back to the distillery in the Pentland Hills where Phil will refill your beloved bottle with more gin again and again.

Tabatha and Phil have also concocted various cocktail recipes which you can find on their website. They have created cocktails whose ingredients perfectly complement and balance their Pentland Hills gin, including a Doggyjito and an AllyPanza. For those who wish to have something more personal, you can have your bottle engraved to commemorate important dates such as your wedding. They engrave the bottle on site customised to your needs so for anyone wishing to celebrate something special, this is a perfect gift set to do so.

Phil and Tabatha have truly created a spectacular brand with a divine tasting gin at its heart. Their gin is sublime, smooth and truly gives a taste of Scottish ambience with a twist.

Check out their gin bottles here.

For those interested in their refillable bottles, click here.

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