Tropical Beers Hit Local Stores

Brewing beers and ales goes back at least 5000 years, it is a tradition that continues today with Scotland hosting more than 100 breweries and microbreweries that operate across the country. There is a vast variety beer and ale that is produced and served in pubs and bars across and the and quality is always high.

Craft and artisanal breweries have been going for centuries, yet it was in the 1970s where the craft beer scene as we know it became even more popular. It grew from a homebrewing fad to a flourishing collection of businesses. From this a cult of exceptional and refined beer was established. As our taste in beer and ale developed as did the flavours, it is an industry that adapts to the mode of the times.

This spring and summer season is represented by “tropical tipples”. Fruit is definitely the flavour for this years Scottish Craft Beer Festival. Hosted in your local Lidl stores the supermarkets Sottish Isle of Ale is back for another year.

Lidl’s isle of Beer festival is a celebration of Scottish breweries and from the 27th of April there will be a reasonably priced craft beer available to buy. Prices start at just £1.29.

“Lidl’s popular beer festival will see 20 Scottish beers from 11 Scottish brewers - including the likes of Glasgow’s Drygate, Edinburgh’s Stewart Brewing and 71 Brewing from Dundee - hit shelves across the nation for a limited time only.”

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