Try out these delicious serves featuring Spearhead Whisky

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Spearhead Whiskys, unique light flavour makes it great addition to some cocktails. Take a look at some Spearhead favourites below

Managed to get your hands on a bottle of Spearhead Whisky? Then why not make use of its unconventional lighter flavour as a mixer for some delicious drinks. Here are some official Spearhead serves to get you started on your whisky mixing journey.

Rusty Spear Ingredients: Spearhead – 50ml Ginger Ale – 150ml Method: As straightforward as it sounds. Fill a glass with ice, then add both Spearhead and Ginger Ale together. Add a slice of lime to finish off this simple yet refreshing mix

Peach Head Ingredients: Spearhead – 35ml Pêche de Vigne – 15ml Lemon juice – 10ml Mint leaves – 10 Orange bitters – 2dsh Method: Fill your chosen glass with ice, then add all ingredients together. Be sure to top things off with some ginger ale and garnish with a wedge of peach for the perfect finish

Spear Med Ingredients: Spearhead – 45ml Campari – 10ml Lemon juice – 15ml Simple syrup – 10ml Mandarin juice – 20ml Method: Add all ingredients into tin with ice. Give it a good shake then double strain into a highball or tumbler over ice. Top with the best tonic you can get your hands on and garnish with a bay leaf or pineapple leaf.

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