Turn Christmas excess into success

After what we've been through this year, it might be tempting to throw caution to the wind and hoard all the hampers you can get your wooly mitts on this festive period. But the delightfully thoughtful folks over at KeyStore are working hard to help you rein(deer) in your holiday hankering, and make it as easy as possible for you to help those less fortunate than yourself this Christmas.

For the third year running, KeyStore are providing in-store donation points that will directly feed local food banks, suitable for non-perishable food products - including packaged cereals, rice and pasta, pasta sauce, tinned meat and vegetables, tea and coffee, biscuits, and UHT milk and fruit juice. Vital non-food products can be donated as well e.g. pet food, toiletries, feminine products, baby supplies and household items such as washing-up liquid and laundry products.

“Our Christmas food bank campaign has been hugely popular with KeyStore retailers with many now supporting their local food bank throughout the year, not just during the festive season," so says Craig Brown - chief sales and marketing officer at JW Filshill.

“In an ideal world no-one should have to use a food bank but sadly they are under more pressure than ever before. So placing a wire dumpbin – which we supply free of charge – in an empty space in their store is an effortless way for retailers to support their local community and help those in need."

“We have already made a massive difference to many communities across the length and breadth of Scotland and the north of England.”

So far, JW Filshill has provided over 250 donation points across KeyStore outlets. These stretch all the way from Stornoway and Wick to Doncaster in Yorkshire.

However, it's not just food banks that will benefit from your warm hearts this year - with KeyStore also inviting retailers to support local nurseries. After the Corseford branch in Johnstone's own Chris Watson was told by a local nursery that they were not treated with the same financial support as primary and secondary schools something had to change.

Filshill started its campaign off by donating 200 cases of selection boxes to Moorpark Early Learning and Childcare Centre in Renfrew, a nursery close to the award-winning wholesaler’s new office and headquarters which is due to open in early 2022.

“This is another great festive campaign for us and was inspired by Chris Watson who is active in his local community all year round and told us that nurseries typically get less funding than schools,” Brown added.

“We’re delighted to get on board with a campaign that will put a big smile on little faces in the run-up to Christmas and we are particularly pleased to support Moorpark ahead of Filshill’s relocation to Westway Park near Glasgow Airport next year."

“Retailers who engage with their local community build long-term customer loyalty and reap the rewards in terms of additional sales and footfall – and both our food bank and nurseries campaigns are prime examples of community engagement at its best.”

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